Publishing Industry

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Data rules the publishing industry, be it print or digital media. Just as most industries the publishing sector too is hit by a series challenges due to lack of data management. Large stocks of data are frequently not updated, cleansed or maintained for long periods of time and this can have serious negative impacts on the business. Incorrect or obsolete addresses cause delays and deliveries are misdirected or duplicated, and that can further worsen customer relationships. In addition, distributing content through different social media tools and measuring the impact of these social channels is another major challenge faced by marketers in the Publishing sector.

LakeB2B is the answer for publishers wanting a data licensing solution for ensuring highest quality of customer data at all times. For over 10 years now, LakeB2B is the industry’s most trusted source with decades of unmatchable experience and understanding of the publishing companies. We specialize in building data and content for publishing products. Data is sourced from the widest range of channels, is firstly cleansed of duplicates and then merged with existing stocks, and also reliably protected from any subsequent data contamination.

Why choose LakeB2B as your Data Licensing Partner?

  • Multiple Licensing Options
  • Best End-User Experience
  • High Quality, Responsive Data
  • Dedicated Support Staff Specialized in Managing your End to End Business Marketing Needs
  • Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Great Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Industry Specific Benefits:

LakeB2B data licensing solutions relies on comprehensive data collection process in order to maintain a high rate of quality control. We provide in depth information to our clients by continuously reaching out to publishers and authors. Powered by over 80,000+ publishing datasets, used by tens of thousands of retailers, search engines, online retailers and libraries worldwide, our data reaches well beyond just a book description and reviews.

We enable publishers to turn around a likely prospect into a loyal customer and also gain new customers with targeted marketing campaigns. Our marketing and sales experts exploit the entire database that enables cross selling potential from the widest range of channels. Improved data quality means that administration of subscribers and customers is considerably more efficient, cost effective and service orientated.

  • Explore new collaborative opportunities by sharing high quality data
  • Optimize time efficiency and building on pre-existing research