Digital Growth Marketing Strategies with Permission-Pass

Opting-In Subscribers with Compelling Growth Strategy Offers & Consent for Networking.

  • Using the “permission pass” process to inform contacts about their email addresses will be used to share valuable marketing insights.
  • We provide the option to unsubscribe from all communication and alerts or pick chosen topics based on which users are provided content.
  • Once permission-pass process is complete, we start interacting with subscribers on a regular basis to identify the subscribers marketing needs.

Request for a detailed walk-through of our permission-pass process.

Powering Business Leaders to On-Board Refreshing Marketing Strategies with Their Customer Data

Converting Them Into Loyal Subscribers, Opting-In Consent to Keep Their Business Growing.

  • No Matter What Industry or Business, every professional today is a part of revenue-driven teams and organization.
  • Every professional and business leader wants to close more deals faster but they don’t know how to navigate the complex digital landscape.
  • It’s easy for them to get lost in the myriad of website traffic data, social engagements and online Ad impressions.
  • These professionals and B2B business leaders now have a reliable knowledge source that helps them reach their ideal customers.
  • The bright side is how Lake B2B is helping them with game-changing marketing best practices and customer data that they can apply.

We Value Customer Trust and Follow a Well-Defined Compliance Process.

Know What Follows after the Subscriber Has Showcased Consent to Be a Part of Marketing Promotions and offers.

Permission Pass Email Sample

Type of template: General Value and Incentive Offering

Approach to permission pass communication: Communicates to subscriber a reminder of the value subscribers would continue to receive with Lake B2B’s free customer data samples along with marketing best practices and marketing success stories.

Additionally, the subscriber is alerted about programs such as webinars, channel partnership avenues and recruitment opportunities.

How We Maintain Subscriber Data Rights:

  • Sending Regular Information Notifications
  • Educating Audiences On Objection Rights
  • Educating Audiences About Erasure Rights
  • Profiling & Automated Decision-making

How Opt-In Communication Clarifies Lake B2B’s Rights to Use Subscriber Data

Important points covered to explain customers that they would receive notifications on sample leaqd data sets that interest them.

Personal data can be shared with affiliates, third parties like business partners, suppliers, sub-contractors, analytics and search engine providers for the betterment of the services promised.

Personal data can be disclosed in an cases where such data is requisite for completing business transactions. Such data will be counted as transferred assets.

In case of third-party processing, certain safeguard protocols will be adhered to protect personal data from being misused.