Dominate Oil & Gas Value Chain Using Tailored Services at Half the Marketing Spend.

Now target high-value OFSE partners and distribution channels.

Going digital is the new imperative in the oil & gas industry. Are you keeping up?

Curate Intuitive Digital Touchpoints to Command a Larger Market Share

While the pandemic might have put a damper on the market demand, now, becoming digital-first can help you capture better value than before. If you can address the evolving expectations of commercial and retail consumers, you can mine the gold.

More and more OFSE customers are giving preference to brands that are digitally mature and offer maximum convenience. That said, embracing digital systems to make brand interactions convenient, consistent, and interesting is the key here.

Begin your marketing makeover by asking questions like:

  • How can I harness TAM insights into actionable leads?
  • Which distribution channels should I pay maximum attention to?
  • Can I access segment-specific information to craft targeted messages?
  • How can I manage inventory levels using CRM services?

There’s a cost-effective yet efficient solution for various use cases, so you’re likely to benefit from having a mix of digital tools in your marketing kitty. Reach out to our marketing specialists to learn more.

Key Challenges Faced by the Oil and Gas Industry Today

Searching for practical solutions to combat these challenges? Consult our growth specialists today!

Low barriers to entry and capital abundance are dramatically increasing the market competition

Value erosion, caused by industry’s slow pace of response to major disruptions and challenges.

OFSE overcapacity and a shrinking consumer base resulting from declining financial performance

Minimal price differentiation despite improvement in technology or product innovation

Product lines becoming increasingly complex owing to rising operational costs

Geopolitical pressure and hyper-regionalization of operations is changing the industry’s demand dynamics

Today, a customer-centric business model has become the need of the hour in the oil & gas industry. After all, a higher degree of segmentation and research at the level of ethnography can improve your returns dramatically.

Knowing your core persona’s specific preferences and needs, even lookalikes, can go a long way in streamlining your funnel operations. From which channels to focus on to identifying growth pockets faster, there’s a lot to gain.

We can help you pull out focus groups based on demographic information such as:

  • Full Name
  • Company
  • First Name
  • State
  • Country
  • NAICS Codes
  • Contact Title
  • Web Address
  • Phone Number
  • FAX Number
  • LinkedIn Address
  • ZIP Code
  • Geographical Location
  • Employee Size

We bring 15+ years of field expertise to help you find and engage only the best-fit accounts for increased value creation. Our tailored ABM services assist you in reaching high-value clients, speeding up sales cycles, reducing wastage of resources, and ultimately growing market share.

With dedicated prospecting support from our industry specialists, your OFSE business can improve its bottom line handsomely.

Dig Deeper to Pick Premier Accounts Willing to Invest in Your OFSE Value Chain

Now engage decision-makers and powerful influencers in the oil and gas value chain like:

  • OFSE suppliers
  • Oil & gas operators
  • Oil field services companies
  • Natural gas producers
  • Fuel retailers
  • Oil & gas wholesalers
  • Industrial consumers
  • Electrical providers
  • Crude oil suppliers
  • Oil & gas procurement equipment suppliers

Now direct all your attention, efforts, and marketing spend towards sought-after OFSE suppliers and retailers. Decrease the lag times for prospective customers, improve inventory handling, and create impressionable touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

Improve your supply chain processes at speed using top-notch prospect data to craft a winning sales pitch and optimize costs across supply chain operations.

With LakeB2B, access proprietary TAM knowledge and geo-specific intelligence on your core consumers and forge lasting partnerships, every single time!

Still Fishing for Leads? Capture a Larger, Wider Market Using Tailored Lead Acquisition Strategy

Leverage Sales Enablement Capabilities to Maximize Bottom Line Performance

  • Show complete product capabilities using 3D demonstrations
  • Provide impressive virtual interactions to differentiate value offerings
  • Present AR-based solutions to target-specific challenges for effective networking

Create Optimal Channels of Interactions for End Users & Distributers

Infer critical value chain metrics to deliver compelling selling propositions

Convince a larger share of the OFSE audience using tailored, segment-specific brand content

Convert market qualified leads to start long-lasting business partnerships

Now deliver maximum value to core customers in the least time and at the lowest cost possible.

Create a Striking, Credible Brand Image to Gain Competitive advantage

Inject accurate, sales-qualified leads into the sales funnel to accelerate the pipeline for channel partnerships.

Deploy a foolproof lead management process to ensure the timely nurturing of every prospective consumer.

Differentiate brand interactions using SEO-driven, meaningful content and establish thought leadership.

Ensure immersive and memorable CX to optimize funnel operations and amplify conversion rates.

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