Pre-packaged Lists

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Being in this industry for so long, at Lake B2B we understand how difficult it is to convert a prospect to a customer. You have done everything from deciding the data segmentation to choosing the SIC code. Yet you did not get it as right as it should have. If you are thinking that mailing lists do not work wonders, then try the lake B2B Prepackaged list this time.

Prepackaged Mailing List

Yes, Lake B2B Prepackaged List is a set of mailing list which is created by the professionals and updated at frequent intervals. These are special value lists that provide more attractive pricing as we have already compiled and continue to update them for common list requests. For example, C-level executives for manufacturing, or CEOs for manufacturing, or CMOs for manufacturing, marketing directors, financial directors, etc.

Instead of wasting time on deciding what to should be included in your data list, allow us to make that decision. The results are usually higher with these lists and it’s a proven fact.

Lake B2B data solutions

Lake B2B has compiled and updated lists dedicated to various industries according to the demands of the industry. Our Pre-packaged mailing lists are targeted at connecting to the niche market. The lists are segmented in such a way that businesses get to connect with the specific product to the specific audience. The top selling pre-packaged lists among all the rest are

European Lists
Healthcare Lists
International List
IT Lists
Profession Based List
Professionals List
State-wise List
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