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Electronic Health Records Software User Email List

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*last updated : March 29, 2024

It’s the 21st century and everyone is looking at new ways for simplifying processes. Not surprisingly, innovative methods in MedTech have taken the healthcare market by storm with innovation in technology for managing patient data getting popular by the day. The use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) software therefore has been able to simplify the storage and management of patient information in real time. And to aid marketers benefit from the opportunities present in the market, we at LakeB2B offer the list of companies using EHR Software in USA!  

Marketers have trusted LakeB2B for years as their data partner for healthcare campaigns. With our EHR Systems users mailing database we help marketers with data that is authentic, accurate and verified to suit diverse marketing campaigns. Considering the extent of the healthcare sector, we encourage our clients to use email, direct mails and telemarketing for communications and that is what our databases help with. So don’t think much and buy Electronic Health Records Software customer lists to give to your brand the chance to engage with prospects and key decision makers through targeted data-driven marketing.

How Businesses Benefit using our EHR Software Customer Contact Database

What is Electronic Health Records software?

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of the patient’s records and chart. It provides real-time, patient centric records that authorized users have access to. EHRs as such have details on patient’s medical history, diagnosis and treatment plan, allergies, test results etc. The main advantage of EHRs is that it can be managed, updated and shared by authorized users with other healthcare facilities/providers such as laboratories, medical imaging centers, emergency facilities, etc.

It’s therefore not surprising that with the number of patients having access to healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics and medical organizations are making use of EHRs for all its functional purposes. At LakeB2B we want our clients to be a step ahead of competitors in reaching out to this market and hence offer the EHR Solutions end users direct mail list! With data-driven marketing gaining popularity, we encourage marketers to leverage from market opportunities by engaging with targeted professionals and medical practitioners through planned campaigns. Suitable for cross and multichannel campaigns, when you purchase Electronic Health Record Software vendor email addresses from LakeB2B, you make the conscious decision of being able to take action at the right time!

If you have your campaigns in place and want to reach out to users and customers of EHR Software, then don’t let bad data affect campaign results! Our EHR Solutions client marketing lists are unique and will be the right addition to your campaigns!

Data available in the List of EHR Solutions Users

With the complete email contact list of Electronic Health Records Systems users and customers you will get data on:

Email Contact List of Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Practice Management Software users:

AdvantaChart user list MedA-Z software user list Welligent user list
Allscripts user list MedFlow user list ZH Healthcare BlueEHS user list
Azalea Health user list Medicfusion HER user list ADSC Software user list
BackChart user list MedInformatix user list Aprima user list
Cedaron Medical user list MediSYS EHR Software user list Care360 user list
ChartWare user list Mediture user list CarePaths user list
ChiroTouch user list Mtbc Web EHR software user list CureMD user list
Doctorsoft user list Netsmart user list Drchrono ipad user list
eClinicalWorks user list Office Practicum user list H-DOX software user list
e-MDs user list Patagonia Software user list MaximEYES user list
Emed Practice user list Platinum System user list MD Logic user list
EncounterWorks Software user list PointClickCare user list Mdsuite user list
EZ-bis user list Practice Director user list MedEZ user list
Foothold Technology user list PracticeFusion user list Medical Mastermind user list
Greenway user list Practise Fusion user list MedicalMine ChARM EHR user list
Healthland EHR user list PrognoCIS user list Nuesoft user list
ICANotes user list Sage Intergy HER user list PDS Cortex user list
InteliDOX user list Sevocity user list Prime Clinical user list
iSALUS user list simplifyMD user list Qualifacts user list
Kareo user list SpringCharts user list SequelMed user list
ManagementPlus user list SRSsoft user list StreamlineMD user list
MatrixCare user list WebChart user list Traknet user list
MDIntellesys user list MedHost user list

So here is the question we have for marketers – where do you see your brand some years from now? Do you see it growing, stable, or fully-grown? What you do today will determine where your brand is tomorrow.

Opportunities in the healthcare sector are in plenty, but the market is competitive. There are new players making entry frequently and it is not enough to engage with your prospects and customers only once. With our Electronic Health Record customers mailing database we will provide you with the opportunity to make repeated contact, so as to keep your brand in the limelight. Data-driven marketing after all is the most preferred form of communication – it’s up to you to leverage from it!

Segmented and customized into campaign-specific categories, this marketing list is the most effective tool for direct audience engagement through emails, direct mails, telemarketing and social media campaigns.

At LakeB2B we offer our clients complete marketing solutions. Some of our other services are: Email MarketingOnline AdvertisingEvent Marketing ServicesData CleansingData ManagementContact Finder and more.