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Personal Care Attendant Email List

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You can now take your healthcare products to professional personal care attendants with LakeB2B’s Personal Care Attendant Email List and Mailing List with details of over 13,926 personal care attendants. It is estimated that between the year 2012 and 2022, there will be a rise in the employment of personal care attendants by 49%, much more than any other industry. This gives immense opportunities to marketers to expand their business to new territories and acquire new customers.

Salient Features of Personal Care Attendant Email List

1.2 million phone calls per month as a part of a data verification

100% telephone and email verified databases

Quarterly SMTP and NCOA verified to keep data fresh and active

Exhaustive geo Personal Care Attendant email lists with contact details of targeted medical specialists from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, EMEA, Australia, APAC and other countries as well

Database regularly updated and cleansed to keep it free of duplicate and inaccurate data

Permission based email addresses to ensure that marketing messages reach genuine customers

10 million verification messages sent every month to validate email addresses

Finally, promote products and services like business services offers, publications, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking etc.

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Personal care attendants are people who assist people with disabilities or old age to carry on with their daily life activities and self-help. They assist in activities like grooming, cleaning, bathing, cooking etc. They work in a variety of setting, from large caring centers to individual homes. Most personal care attendants are trained on the job.

LakeB2B’s Personal Care Attendant Email Addresses and Mailing Lists is a verified and reliable database, easily accessible and designed especially to deliver better results to clients. With professional details like years of experience, specialty, email and mailing address, phone number and more, this database makes multi-channel marketing affordable and possible.

Our partnership with the B2B Data Partners has provided us with the most powerful tools and innovations in the field of data research and solutions. Their research and call center makes 1.2 million phone calls per month as part of the data verification process. All email addresses are SMTP verified on a quarterly basis to identify deliverable, active email addresses. The undeliverables are scrubbed from the file within a 24 hour period. With over 13,926 personal care attendant details available at Personal Care Attendant Email Addresses and Mailing Lists, we deliver the results you are seeking.

The LakeB2B Personal Care Attendant Email List is ideal for promoting all types of products and services including health and wellness offers, medical related offers, holistic medicine offers, business services offers, office supplies, travel, books, publications, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services, networking, construction equipment, telecommunications, computer hardware and software products, social media offers and more.