Best 10 Technographic Data Providers in USA

Best 10 Technographic Data Providers in USA

The rising demand for technographic data providers in recent years can be attributed to the need for data-driven visibility in tech marketing. Technographics relates to the potential customer’s tech install base which gives B2B marketers the big picture about their prospective tech buyer’s purchase intents and next steps. 

Combining high-quality customer contact data with tech intent intelligence is the best way to scale marketing campaign ROI and outreach. This is how the most innovative tech marketers today are targeting potential buyers and converting leads into striking deals.

Compilation of technographic intelligence involves tracking website visitors and CRM data. Powered by technographic, B2B marketers can now build more insights to roll out highly effective email drip campaigns, ABM campaigns, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

The Market does not care how good your tech products or solutions are

Irrespective of how much effort a tech team puts to craft quality white papers, case studies, and solution briefs, not knowing the customer’s tech intent is the biggest reason for marketing campaign failures.

The Market does not care how good your tech products or solutions are

Lack of tech purchase intent leads to wastage of valuable marketing dollars and compels sales teams to go on a wild goose chase to identify their best targets.  

With the help of accurate technographic, sales and marketing teams now have the chance to filter the most profitable customers based on past purchase intent – cloud adoption, software or tech stacks on-boarded, digital transformation programs launched, and more. This data is of great value for IT enterprises, product companies, software creators, and transformation enablers. 

These new data-driven marketing strategies present a much-required reprieve for technology marketers. They can now uncover the tech customer’s buying journey and behavior as soon as relevant intent is triggered. This ensures sales stays focused on the best tech leads who are most willing to convert. 

How to ensure you have the right marketing data?

You want to first rely on your own channels or website visitor data to build more insights with lead data experts. Then, there are third-party data providers or database providers who have a repository of your most prospective marketing contacts. 

How to ensure you have the right marketing data?

This is where technographic data providers step in to save you from diverting valuable time and resources towards tech lead prospecting and nurturing. They ensure that you have accurate data that is verified with active decision-makers and accounts. However, marketers also require the additional capability to filter cold leads from the high-converting opportunities. 

How do you know who is the best technographic data provider?

 When you hire a data list provider, check on few things regarding their data compilation procedure which ensures that the data provided by them stands genuine and legal.

Data Compilation Process: Data compilation process includes from where the data about customers are collected. Check if the data is collected from trusted sources or not. Generally, technographic data providers collect information from webinars, conferences, websites, feedback forms, or newsletters to enrich their database.

  • Frequency of Data Updating:

Generally, data providers update or clean their email list or information database in 90 days according to business trends. However, there are companies like Lake B2B who update their data every 45 days to ensure the data is latest & has no cold/inactive information.

Data Verification:

  •  When you buy an email database, data service providers call and verify with respective companies in humans to recheck on the data with real-time verification. 

Additional Information:

Technographic data providers collect other information like company name, first name of the respective person, LinkedIn profile name, revenue generated from the company, contact number, email address, etc. to ensure you can track your targeted audience through multi-channel marketing.

Which are the 10 Technographic Database Companies in the USA?

Below you find the list of technographic database companies in the USA, who have served a lot of companies with accurate data and instant service to help them excel in their industry.

Top 10 Technographic Database Companies in USA

  • Lake B2B

Lake B2B is a multi-base database provider that provides other data management services along with the database required for the companies. Lake B2B provides services like data cleansing, data appending which not only helps you with customer information, also helps in refreshing your old or cold database with data-driven marketing insights. 

  • has millions of contacts of business professionals which they have collected from trusted sources with the best CRM integration process which they have built for digital marketers to target specific audiences & increase the ROI & outreach with better analytics.

  • Ampliz

Ampliz Salesbuddy provides data based on the demographic need of the client, also keeping in mind the privacy of their client. Ampliz does not share or forward the same database to other clients to avoid clashes.

  • Zoominfo:

Zoominfo is treated as one of the best places to get detailed information for your marketing strategies which could turn your business into a big hit in your service industry. Zoominfo has an in-house verification team that verifies information in particular to check the authenticity of the data.

  • Matrix Marketing:

If you want an instant database for your marketing campaigns then Matrix Marketing is just the right place for you. You get updated & the latest data of the right audience to boost your campaigns. Apart from the database provided by them, they also give you access to the best sales management tools to work efficiently.

  • Span Global Services:

Get what you need. Span Global Services customizes data based on your requirement to satisfy your business need. They provide enriched data of the right person to reach out to for pitching about your business which could increase the chances of conversion. Span Global Services provides high-quality data-driven information with high-end accuracy.

  • Slintel:

Slintel is very renowned among the database providers and in providing company insights for setting up marketing goals. Slintel has highest customer base covering more than 40K+ technological companies & verifying the data over billions every month.

  • Toolsberry:

Toolsberry does not limit them to company size when it comes to data collection. They have accurate data of the enterprises more than 1500+ in numbers that help people to analyze the company standard and approach accordingly.

  • Datanyze:

Datanyze is most known name in technographic data providers. They use artificial intelligence to collect data and to track if there are any changes in the database collected by them. They have helped millions of companies to track their customers & convert them into great deals.

  • Buildwith:

Buildwith has a strong grip when stacking up data and tracking them too. It ranks as the top technographic data provider that has covered almost 42K+ companies with the latest business trends to analyze other competitor and their trending products/services.

You will find a pool of data service providers who will promise you the best data with updated information, but checking them and get genuine data will make your marketing strategies work to their best.

Knowing how technographic data can play a key role in increasing your company’s efficiency and profit, it’s time to step up on your growth.

Discover what more you can do with marketing insights to pitch your offering in an already overcrowded marketplace. Speak to the go-to-market strategy experts who can show you how to launch highly targeted and hyper-personalized marketing campaigns that get results. Experience the advanced & well-researched data for your sales funnel with Lake B2B. 

Marshal Sequira

Marshal Sequira

Marshal Sequira, is the VP for Business Development & Partnerships at Lake B2B. A technology geek with deep industry knowledge, Marshal has championed the B2B data space and enabled double digit growth for global enterprises. His business models have inspired partners globally to embrace data-driven partnerships. Over the last 13 years he has built a reputation for developing the best business strategies, incubating new business models and expanding partner channels world-wide.