Data Management Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Data Management Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Author: Mike Connolly

As it is, data management is one of the most tiresome tasks for marketers and since healthcare data is the more unstructured form, makes it all the more complex. Because of its inherent complexity, diversified data source and heterogeneous structure, healthcare data causes integration issues making data management more challenging. Here are four challenges that marketers are trying to deal with.

Multiple system dependencies

Dependency on multiple data collating, storing and processing systems is one of the major challenges in data management. Be it patient records, static records or even diagnostic data makes it difficult to pull the right data for right use. Changes made in any one of these systems often do not sync with the remaining systems to maintain unified records across the information flow. This system heterogeneity makes data mapping and data syncing very difficult.

Healthcare standards and Law

Like banking, insurance and any other industry with sensitive data, healthcare data is also monitored and governed by state and federal laws. This makes it mandatory to guard and protect sensitive data. And through the traditional source where these data are collected, there is no room for creating an opt-in option. Thus a whole chunk of data becomes inaccessible. These regulations change from country to country and also are often modified. This requires frequent changing of the data systems to align with the regulations.

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Demographic processing

Unlike in the other industries, gender and age related data makes a lot of difference in the healthcare industry. A lot of derived information depends on the demographic information pertaining to the patient. This considerably increases the need for 360 degree information about each individual.

Contracts and Payments

Healthcare applications are massive, varied and complex. With changing trends and consumer preferences, the contracts undergo changes too. The wide variety of healthcare plans and payment options also add the complexity of healthcare data management.

The success of any data-driven marketing initiative depends on how good the data is. Inadequate data makes it a cumbersome to yield value out of the data present. So, the ultimate solution lies in adopting an on-going and a constant marketing services support that never loses pulse. Contact us at 800-710-5516 or write to us at [email protected] for all your specific healthcare data needs.

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