Data Deduplication

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Data Deduplication is the best way to make your data efficient, up and running. According to a research we conducted, duplicate records are sure to creep into business databases every 18 months.

A duplicate record in your database makes you shell out more dollars and hurts your brand reputation. It makes you contact the same person twice or more, and that in turn makes you appear careless to your customers. If you do not want your brand to go downhill, you need to incorporate a suitable preemptive mechanism in your data management system.

Our database deduplication services

  • Identify the duplicate records using automated and manual ways
  • Check for information in both the records
  • The records are merged if any of the records has additional information
  • The duplicate record is deleted
  • Retained records are sent for data enhancement
  • Data is enhanced using manual and automatic methods

Data discrepancies may rise from many factors. It includes even simple errors that occur while uploading the leads. Be it any kind of errors, LakeB2B has the technology, database, and expertise for rectifying and delivering a fault-free database.