Market Smart, Not Hard! – Go Cross-Channel!

The modern-day consumer has access to “collective intelligence” or “hive minds” via social media platforms. As a result, manufacturers are no longer the sole source of information for products or services. In order to avoid losing control over the end-consumer, B2B brands are in dire need for a marketing solution that addresses both the expert market and the consumer market in a parallel path.

And what’s more? The entire process involves only three simple steps (out of which you take care of the first while we take care of the rest!)

Reaching B2B decision-makers and marketers via LinkedIn is costing an arm and a leg. To corner the market in a cost-effective manner, LakeB2B brings a unique marketing solution – B2B2S or Cross-Channel Audience Targeting. Using our effective social marketing/Facebook marketing campaign solution, you can reach your target audience of B2B decision-makers and marketers at just one-fifth the cost of that of LinkedIn!

How it Works

What can I Expect?