Reverse Appending Services

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Avail Reverse Appending Services from LakeB2B to enhance your in-house database

Your database might any day need a facelift. Appending an additional field to your existing database is called Reverse Appending. You can reverse append any of the fields like email id, telephone number, postal address, social handle, fax, SIC code, etc.

Reverse Appending gives you the maximum match rate and fastest turnaround times in the industry. All that you have to do is upload your existing database with your customer email addresses, and then download the completed file upon notification.

LakeB2B’s Reverse Appending Services can enhance your existing database with any related field. This can save you up from buying an entirely new database and working on them, while your existing database can be updated with the same accuracy level. We will be accurately matching the email addresses, postal addresses, and various demographic and lifestyle data elements to your existing database.

LakeB2B also follows a strict privacy policy of secure data processing and encryption which means that your list is absolutely safe and secure during every step of the process. The data will not be shared with anybody but you.

Benefits of LakeB2B’s Reverse Appending Service

  • Improve target marketing strategies of your email campaigns
  • Create personalized communications with your prospects or customers
  • Dramatically enhance your online revenues

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