Phone Appending Services

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

LakeB2B’s Phone Appending Services help make marketing more data-driven

LakeB2B brings for marketers, Phone Appending Services, where businesses can get their old contact list updated with new contact information, to reconnect with leads they once collected from old marketing initiatives. This is also effective to update old customers’ information, whom you can keep updated on the latest offers and discounts, ensuring they remember your brand when they are ready for their next purchases.  As shown in the process flow, matched against our 42 billion contacts strong, master database, your database is updated and also verified manually, before being uploaded to our secure portal, for you to download.

Look around you. What do you see? You will literally see everyone, from a youth to an 80-year-old gentleman speaking over the phone. And in some cases, there will be people struggling with numbers, being unable to reach their desired contact. Are you sure that someone is not you?

With LakeB2B’s service for phone number appends you can be sure that you are not the one struggling with phone numbers! The key to business success is not simply in having the right products and services, but the ability to reach audiences that would be interested in those services! And that’s why we can phone append your existing database so that you don’t have to struggle with contacting targeted b2b and b2c audiences!

Features of LakeB2B’s Phone Append Service

With so many reasons for customers to change an existing phone number, do you still need a reason for a phone database append? Don’t risk your business’s future when LakeB2B can help with fresh databases! Some of the stellar features of our reverse phone append services are:

Exhaustive database with 32+ million data count on business professions from technology, healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, travel, and other industries

Geo-specific database including data from US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., regularly cleansed and updated for quick turnaround

Suppressed Do-Not-Call databases (on-request) with up to 50-60% accuracy

Why Phone Appending is the solution to your business challenge

  • For B2C and B2B customers, a simple change in job or location can cause a number change
  • Good call-rates and data facilities can shift loyalty to another service provider
  • A new service provider offering lucrative complementary packages can lure customers to take up additional numbers

With LakeB2B’s phone append service marketers can rest assured that whatever be the reason for changing phone numbers, their business revenue will not be affected!

In order to get the best Phone Appending Services all that’s needed is your existing database with certain required fields so that we can match it against our updated master databank to deliver fresh and active phone numbers!

So stop contemplating and start acting! Contact LakeB2B for phone number appending and let our experts guide you through the process and benefit of campaigning with accurate consumer and business phone numbers!

Benefits of LakeB2B’s Phone Appending Services

  • Validated numbers for initiating campaigns and maintaining follow-ups
  • Improved customer service through personalized interaction
  • Reduced telemarketing costs due to inaccurate phone numbers
  • Service for residential and business phone append with the type of phone – landline, mobile, VoIP

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