CRM Data Cleansing

Trusted and real-time data cleansing to help you navigate through the pandemic without losing business.

Think before you market your stale data. Think of us.

With the advent of pandemic, data-decay, and hygiene tops your worry list. Make your efforts look great with our in-demand data cleansing services.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally we are here to help you navigate extraordinary market challenges with our effective and result-oriented data services. Tons of data is going stale everyday and millions are losing their jobs, it’s time to put an end to it. We have managed to connect all the missing points and can help you get rid of Out-dated information, errors, accidental deletion, overtime piling of loads, and loads of information with our Data Cleansing services. Our efficient CRM systems will help you get rid of the unnecessary, redundant junk that has piled up over time, especially in today’s time when data decay is a major concern of leading organizations like yours. Cleanse such bad data overtime and make a good move in your marketing strategy to be in the front front, the moment when you need it the most. The pandemic has taught us ways to keep moving and not fall back due to something so trivial yet so important as bad data. A great marketing strategy is always incomplete without an efficient Data Cleansing strategy.

This is the defining moment of our generation. COVID-19 has the potential to kill 2-3% of our population, cripple the global economy, and bring healthcare systems around the world to their knees. It will take all of us working together to solve this crisis. Let’s begin with data cleansing first. The most basic data in the world is so short lived., that about 40% of people change their phone numbers annually and about 37% email addresses change periodically, contributing to 25% of the data being inaccurate, if not more. Here in this scenario of pandemic, organizations need business intelligence, operational efficiency, and Data Cleansing

Industry worldwide takes a hit. Onset of slump in each geographic region varies now and the data has changed in this little time. As a growing marketing firm, you must act and ascertain that your data is up-to-date or not. Practice all the healthy data related practices to get rid of incomplete, fraudulent, and duplicate data. Stay assured and expect only good once you subscribe to our services. We can look out for you in this kind of scenario and get you rid of multiple entry points- like web forms, social media, and surveys.

Bad data is detrimental to the growth of your company, especially in the times of a disastrous event like a pandemic. With us, you can achieve customer satisfaction and retention. We make sure to minimize the error-led email deliveries, leading to higher spam reports and opt-outs. Don’t prolong your sales cycle or add up to the cost of sales and distribution channels.

Let’s work together in this pandemic and get rid of data-decay and improve the data hygiene with the help of a data cleansing roadmap. You need CRM cleansing, and we are the experts. During the course of time that Covid-19 lasts, businesses and the global economy will continue to be significantly impacted.

Just like stale food- stale data can hit the best of your marketing strategies. Think about it.

Data is the real breather in these times. As a business rethink your data strategy by means of data cleansing and focusing on sales which will eventually lead to profitability/profitability growth. Organizations claiming hefty valuations just on the basis of sales growth will no longer find buyers – focus on good data and profit growth will be the new normal. Data and IT security have become even more important for businesses. With the help of good data, you will not find it difficult to survive leading to optimization and efficiency.

This is the time to leverage remote working capabilities of your team because you seldom have an option right now. Stay invested strongly in your business continuity and resilience measures. Make your data your top priority and avoid falling into the zone of bad data or decayed data.

Finally, why do you precisely need data-cleansing?

Increased efficiency

With enhanced data quality, you’ll be able to get the maximum ROI, resulting in increased efficiency. Data quality in particular has a direct relationship with how data is collected and organized across departments.

Improved cost

Having only relevant, consistent data reduces storage space which will in turn minimize cost for the business. Maintaining data centres, servers and/or databases may not always be in budget. You can always improvise on cost and meet your marketing targets effectively.

Effective Decision Making

Accurate insights from real-time and on-location data allows a business to fine tune their strategies or tactics right away to take advantage of an opportunity or avert a crisis.

Accelerated Sales Performance

Sales performance is one of the most measured constraints, good quality data allows sales consultants and other B2B users to follow quality leads and reduce time wastage following prospects. Good data also also measures the most valuable customers so that reward programmes can be tailored around those customers.