Create an Outrageously Effective Business Strategy with B2B Lead Generation Services

Let AI solutions come to your rescue. Find lead generation strategies and generate leads for your business.

Solutions Catered to MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads)

A Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is a lead that has indicated some interest in your brand’s products and services. They are proof that your marketing efforts are bearing results and that they may consider becoming a customer soon. For such leads, LakeB2B will send two follow-up emails – one for the asset they have shown interest in and the other for a complementary asset that might interest them.

When a lead fulfills a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales, they become your HQL. Meaning, they may have met – the ICP persona requirements, may have shown interest in your company, have answered some basic qualifying questions and expressed some interest in talking to your sales executives. For such leads, LakeB2B will provide two custom profiling questions or one profiling and one qualifying question. Once the qualification is done, the leads will receive two follow-up emails, one for the asset they have shown interest in and the other for a complementary asset.

Considering Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline, we will take your leads through two opt-in steps; each will ensure that the resulting leads are genuinely and deeply interested in your brand. Once done, the leads will then be passed through a dynamic nurture cadence. Here, they will receive two additional emails from your brand, thereby increasing brand visibility. On the whole, our two-way Lead Generation Strategy will ensure maximum lead engagement.

Full-Funnel ABM Support

LakeB2B will help solve your funnel problems. No matter where your customers are in their buying journey, you can cater to their needs in every stage of the sales funnel, from initial opt-in to email engagement through email nurturing and final sales. Our AI and ML algorithms will help you create lookalike audiences so that you can generate and engage those leads.

Multi-Step QA Process for High Lead Acceptance

The lead validation process is both AI-powered and human-verified, so you experience high lead acceptance rates.

Solutions Tailored to a Constantly-Evolving Market

The market is dynamic, so are our demand generations solutions! Hyper target your prospects and make the most of your TAM.