Data Segmentation

Expand your reach, connect with the right target audience globally

Data Segmentation Means Big Opportunities

In the current market space, where competition is just a click away, it’s important to reach out to customers through personalized offers. The traditional way of mass marketing is a big turnoff these days. In this scenario, marketers are turning to personalized marketing to enhance one-on-one conversation with the customers.

However, targeted marketing requires segmented data. And building data segments does not come easy. It involves filtering data, finding homogenous segments and creating unique silos for personalized marketing.

So, is there an easier way to create relevant segments from your larger data pool?

This is where LakeB2B steps in. Our Data Segmentation Services can help your organization build, maintain and sort customers based on relevant fields. Our meticulous process helps you reach customers on an individual level and send targeted messages.

Personalized marketing using Data Segmentation is done by answering key questions about your customers.

Who are they? (Buyer persona)

What do they look like? (Demographics/firmographics data)

What do they need? (Understanding the customer’s requirement and expectations)

How do they act? (Preferred mode of communication channel)

What do they buy? (Product and services interested)

When do they need it? (Time of purchase)

Why do they want it? (Understanding the requirement)

Apart from segmenting your customer pool, we provide expert advice on the best strategies for your personalized marketing. Our Data Segmentation Services will result in:

  • Deeper connection with customers through personalized offers
  • Better timing for sending marketing messages
  • Improved ROI from marketing