Choose From 8 Powerful B2B Sales Funnel Builders & Email Marketing Platforms in 2022

Choose From 8 Powerful B2B Sales Funnel Builders & Email Marketing Platforms in 2022

Author: Marshal
  • Cut the chase: Go from Brand Awareness to Conversions with a Data-Aware Sales Funnels by Lake B2B. Instead of running campaigns from scratch, you now have ready customer data to start pitching your offerings.
  • Instead of Brand Awareness to Identify the Target Market, straightaway launch conversion journeys with Lake B2B provisioned – email IDs, direct dials, mobile numbers, and technology adoption insights of your prospects in our database.

How You Can 30X Conversion Outreach with Data from Lake B2B

Use Lake B2B Customer Intent Data to Fuel Your B2B Lead Generation in 2022

Presenting a round-up of top B2B marketing funnel building tools used by some of our Million dollar monthly scaling customers – featuring Email Automation Services and Customer Membership Solutions

Lake B2B can help you identify the target audience data which you will need to run any online advertising campaign, email automation sequences and LinkedIn sales prospecting. Find out who in your target audience is already using a specific product, tool, IT service, automation or technology which you want to complement or replace. Start engaging these product or service users and adopters with your offer benefits and use cases.

While there are subscription-based email marketing programs in the market, you are most likely on your own to ensure that the emails are accurate. Sourcing these lead contacts and running the campaign by yourself can put brakes on your creative ability to communicate and convert the best prospects.

Also, your knowledge of running bulk email lead generation would be tested while your websites domain’s IP reputation is at the risk if getting blacklisted. However, there is a way to avoid walking down that risk of getting blacklisted by letting Lake B2B run the campaign for you – join our seasoned campaign specialists to know how we can bring down hard email bounces and eliminate any gaps in the adherence of spam and data privacy guidelines.

Compared to a scenario where you are left alone to reach a month quota of leads from your not-so-accurate database contacts, we bring you a service that takes care of everything at the most affordable price or an even better price advantage offered by your email service provider. Not just that, we bring you free contact data to be loaded into your database first and then go on to set up email marketing campaigns, clickbait landing pages with opt-in forms, the whole funnel roadmap along with the re-targeting nurture plan.

Begin your 2022 customer outreach programs by loading your sales CRM with campaign-ready lead data that can have 30X customer engagements. This way, you can straightaway cut the chase and make sure that your sales team speak to only those customers who are a part of your target market, thus completely eliminating the need to run additional brand awareness campaigns for generating more numbers.

How You Can Leverage Lake B2B Lead Data Sandbox to Get the Best Results from Marketing Automation Tools:

Let’s compare the best email marketing automation tools and conversion funnel building tools handpicked by our experts:


Mail Chimp

Mailchimp helps businesses grow in a humble, creative, and autonomous way by providing audience data, marketing platforms, and analytics. Mail Chimp enables you with features including Signup forms, Creative assistant and campaign templates, Marketing CRM, Customer Journeys, Real-time editorial feedback, Date-based automation, A/B  testing, and reports.

mailchimp pricing                                                                                                       Pricing of Mailchimp

The price for Mailchimp’s three main pricing categories rise as the number of contacts you have grows.

Each category has a free website with inexhaustible bandwidth, visitor statistics, and an online store with an infinite number of products.

E-commerce and websites

These are the three plans for websites and e-commerce. This includes a free plan with a 2% transaction fee, a basic plan at $10 per month plus a 1.5 percent transaction fee, and a  $29/month “Plus” package with 0.5 percent transaction cost.

Mailchimp also offers Transactional Emails, which are charged by the block on a monthly basis.

Each block is a credit for 25,000 emails, and the more blocks you have, the cheaper they become, with 1-20 blocks costing $20 each and over 161 blocks costing $10 each.

Pros and cons of using Mailchimp as your preferred marketing automation tool

The pros of using Mailchimp are that you get an excellent free beginner’s plan. In addition, you get resources such as guides and podcasts with an effective reporting structure.

As a consequence, you have to take into account many integrations and variable payment arrangements. Also, it is essential to note that affiliate marketing is prohibited with Mailchimp.

Active Campaign

Active Campaigns

To make organizations function more smoothly, ActiveCampaign employs robust software and numerous automation solutions. B2C, B2B, and ecommerce organizations can all use ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign allows the following features: marketing, customer, and email automation, creating landing pages, analytics, reports, customizing the website, and In-house training.

Also, the built-in CRM in ActiveCampaign makes it easy to keep track of all your data.


ActiveCampaign’s pricing

ActiveCampaign’s pricing scales with the number of contacts you have and can be paid monthly or annually. Their plan tiers include a 14-day free trial, and there is no credit card information required to sign up.

The monthly cost of each plan for 500 contacts includes a Lite plan for $7.50 per month, Plus plan of $35 per month, Professional plan of $79.50 per month, and lastly an Enterprise plan at $139.50 per month.

If your company has more than 100,000 connections, you’ll need to talk to their sales team about the price.

Pros and cons of using ActiveCampaign for you Marketing Needs

Pros of using ActiveCampaign is that you are enabled with advanced automation and built-in CRM integration within the platform offering reliable delivery of the campaigns.

The cons constitute many optional options that may or may not be used, and the platform is quite expensive. Moreover, it is incompatible with mobile devices.


drips campaigns

Drip focuses on maintaining e-commerce independence from large markets. Through internet traffic conversion, email automation, and visual builders, the program captures its audiences. Drip has the following features that come standard with it. This includes form builder and automation, Split-testing, tracking of customers and events, multiple segmentations, and marketing via email. Drip is ideal for ecommerce since it allows you to track every action a customer does in your store, from landing on your page to hovering over certain buttons. Customers can also be retargeted via SMS, Facebook, and Instagram.


Drip’s pricing

They charge $0.015 per SMS and $0.030 per MMS for texting. Their monthly plan includes liquid templates for dynamic emailing and expiring links that take buyers to a specified page after your sale has ended. Although they do not demand credit card details to sign up for their 14-day free trial, you are limited to sending 500 emails.

Pros and Cons of Using Drip for your Marketing Initiatives

The pros are that you get excellent customer service along with cutting-edge tracking software for email marketing that is customized and individualized. The cons are that the platform Is solely focused on ecommerce and requires a Shopify or WooCommerce integration. Also, the SMS feature is only available in the United States.


GetResponse provides scalable web marketing solutions for small and large businesses.

Some of GetResponse’s key features include email marketing, landing pages, webinars, conversion funnel, marketing automation, website builders, and signup forms. A/B testing on email templates, text, landing sites, videos, and more can all be done using their software.GetResponse                                                                                                                   GetResponse’s pricing

With contact list sizes ranging from 1,000 to 100,000, GetResponse’s plans can be billed monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly. Their annual option saves you 18%, while their bi-annual option saves you 30% on your total cost. Any plan comes with a 30-day free trial, and no credit card information is required.

The following rates are for 1,000 contacts. Prices rise as contact lists grow larger.

GetResponse’s Basic package, which costs $15 per month, includes marketing via email, website creator, autoresponders, an infinite number of landing pages. This includes a single sales funnel and an unlimited number of lead funnels, Ads on Facebook and Google, and Chats.

The Plus plan, which costs $49 per month, contains everything in the Basic plan plus, marketing automation, webinars, and contact tagging and scoring. The Professional plan costs $99 a month and includes all of the features of the Plus plan including web-push notifications and premium webinars. You’ll need to contact GetResponse for a tailored quote for the Max plan.

Pros and cons of Using GetResponse for your Marketing Campaigns

The Pros of using GetResponse is that it is and all-in-one tool that is simple to use with robust reporting software. Coming to the cons, the tool is comparatively expensive and has a limited drag-and-drop editor with a faulty API.

Also, it is essential to note that their costs are higher, and they do not allow refunds, but they provide a 30-day free trial.



ConvertKit promises to simplify email marketing. They cater to musicians, podcasters, instructors, and authors, focusing on the creative part of internet marketing. ConvertKit’s features include landing pages, commerce tool, automation, integrations, email marketing, and email signup forms.

Convert Kit                                                                                                    ConvertKit’s pricing

The cost of ConvertKit is determined by the number of subscribers you have. If your account balance exceeds 500,000, you’ll need to request a demo before speaking with their team. You’ll only be invoiced for 10 months if you choose their yearly billing option.

The following pricing is for 1,000 subscribers.

The free plan provides the following features that enable you to create as many landing pages and forms as you want, email support and broadcasting, and digital products and subscriptions for sale.

The $29/month Creator plan contains everything in the free plan, plus you are not charged for switching from another tool and also includes sequences and funnels that are automated.

Finally, the Creator Pro plan, which costs $59 per month, contains everything in the Creator plan plus Custom audiences on Facebook, system for referring people to the newsletter, scores for subscribers along with comprehensive reporting.

Pros and cons of using Conversion Kit for your Marketing Initiatives

The pros of using Conversion Kit are that you get a quick-response support team, an easy-to-use landing page editor, and you can make paid newsletters available for extra revenue.

The cons are it is relatively expensive for the number of subscribers you have. It comes with 3 easy-to-use email templates, and you do not get Google Analytics integration, heatmaps, or bounce rate tracking. is, without a doubt, the best all-in-one sales funnel tool available. Before you can say “sold!” you’ll be able to turn your funnel simulation into reality.’s dashboard

Salient Features of

The advantage of using is that you don’t need to utilize any other tools because supports a range of marketing methods such as Website builder, sales funnel, and landing page, automated b2b email marketing, Internet hosting, automation of work processes, affiliate advertising, blogging and drop shipping assistance and more.  Also, courses, webinars, and membership sites are all supported.

You can execute your dream sales funnel with

Systeme.ios’s pricing has four pricing options. With the Free $0/month plan, you get unlimited emails for up to 1,000 email subscribers, three funnels, one blog, one membership site, and unlimited blog entries and membership site members.

With the Startup $27/month plan, you get up to 5,000 email subscribers, 10 funnels and 5 blogs, 5 membership sites, marketing automation, affiliate marketing, and more.

Again, with a $47/month webinar plan, you get everything Included in Startup plus 10,000 email subscribers, 50 funnels, 20 blogs, 20 membership sites, 10 evergreen webinars, and ten A/B testing.

Finally, the enterprise $97/month plan includes everything in the Startup and Webinar plans, plus 15,000 email subscribers, unlimited funnels and blogs, unlimited membership sites, and unlimited evergreen webinars.

All in all, is a powerful tool for implementing your funnel simulations!

6.2. ClickFunnels

click funnels

ClickFunnels is an additional helpful tool for creating funnels.

ClickFunnels Features that Can Make you Campaigns Click

ClickFunnels is a website builder and a sales funnel. It helps you build sequences for email marketing and lead nurturing, and affiliate advertising.

Click funnels pricing

ClickFunnel pricing

ClickFunnels is quite pricey, especially when you consider that you’ll need to switch to the $297/month plan to have all of the features you require, such as follow-up funnels for lead nurturing sequences. On the contrary,, on the other hand, has a lot more features for creating a complete sales funnel in one package.


We recommend speaking to our campaign team specialists to get the best value for money, with an all-in-one Sales CRM Data + Multi-Channel Campaign software solution for all of your business’s needs.

Not only is Lake B2B Lead Data Sandbox less expensive, our campaign marketing team has proven expertise in building sales pipelines based on segmented data of customers.

Try out our services such as our fresh and updated lead data + lead scoring integration with website builder, evergreen webinars, and affiliate marketing program.

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