10 Defining Marketing Trends That Will Help Increase The Effectiveness of B2B Marketing

Arun Pillai August 28, 2019
10 Defining Marketing Trends That Will Help Increase The Effectiveness of B2B Marketing


With almost half the year gone, this is a good time to list down the most important trends we saw so far in B2B marketing, which we think will also grow in importance in the coming years.

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Just like the big fashion labels or the major automobile companies showcase the new designs for the year, every industry takes a step back and looks at the trends for the year ahead, or the trends that defined the year just gone by. B2B Marketing teams are no different. Today we are at almost the halfway point of the year 2019.

This is a good time for us to take a look at the defining trends of the six months just gone by, and the expected trends for the next six months. But before that, a quick word on why B2B marketers do not have the easiest job in the world.

A B2B Marketing campaign, by definition, is between one company and another, and not a communication directed towards any individual. But the company being targeted is represented by an individual, not a faceless entity. The communication needs to not only convince that individual, but also provide him with adequate USPs to be able to convince the others in the decision making hierarchy.

Additionally, the decision makers in an organization might move to other roles or even leave the company. The B2B Marketing team needs to keep track of such changes and begin the messaging from scratch for the new people figuring in the B2B Database. With this background in mind, let us take a quick look at the top trends of this year for B2B Marketing.

  1. Like we said earlier, B2B marketing is indeed directed at an organization, but we expect it to become more effective if the recipient gets a personalized experience in the messaging.
  2. More than what a business is saying about itself, a respected influencer’s voice is more believable. That is why influencer marketing will become more important in the coming days.
  3. Emails will move beyond just containing text, or at best a few pictures, videos, or links. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will grow in usage.
  4. Account Based Marketing will continue to grow in importance. Instead of multiple messaging to all the names in the B2B Database, B2B marketers will select a limited number of higher value clients and direct tailor made messaging to them.
  5. Another increasingly important aspect of B2B marketing will be programmatic marketing, and this will be used for all aspects of the digital marketing bouquet.
  6. More and more B2B marketers will increase the use of data visualization, both in their content, and also to assess the effectiveness of campaigns.
  7. Outside the formal marketing efforts by an organization, the advocacy of their own employees on social media platforms will become an important part of digital B2B marketing.
  8. Because of the huge amount of promotional content being generated by all organizations, it will become increasingly important for different teams in an organization to align their messaging as per a single POV.
  9. B2B marketing will increasingly embrace the use of interactive communication where the recipient also participates in the promotional drive with greater engagement.
  10. In addition to the B2B Data visualization mentioned earlier, a lot of analytics will be used in the coming years by digital marketers.

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