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The introduction of digital learning or E-Learning Solutions has brought an evolutionary progress in the education industry. However, this also triggers competition amongst the biggest players in education along with conservative barriers. There are several trends that are contributing to both positive and negative perceptions in education marketing. With ideas, strategies and concepts, solutions marketers can overcome the daunting challenges in this industry and provide value additions to their education databases.

Here is a flowchart depicting the barriers to education data and simple solutions to fix them

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Power Your K12 Education Data

Education List

Schools Data USA Counts
Data Category Total Companies Email Counts
Schools Data 102,089 34,87,928
District School 15,766 132,184
Child Care Data 169,963 128,801
Public Library Data 8,334 37,818
All Schools Total Companies Email Counts
Elementary 56,234 1,675,409
High 22,474 1,039,862
Middle/Jr High 14,340 582,324
Combined 6,957 172,469
Other 2,082 17,864
Total 102,089 3,487,928

School Types

School Type Total Companies Email Counts
Total Numbers 102,089 3,487,929
Public 86,363 3,145,513
Private 10,640 218,092
Catholic 5,085 124,323
School Type Total Companies Email Counts
Public 86,363 3,145,513
Elementary 47,427 1,532,400
High 20,189 950,223
Middle/Jr High 14,053 576,060
Combined 3,023 71,632
Other 1,669 15,197
School Type Total Companies Email Counts
Private 10,640 218,092
Elementary 4,914 73,240
High 1,375 42,492
Middle/Jr High 176 4,483
Combined 3,784 95,468
Other 389 2,408
School Type Total Companies Email Counts
Catholic 5,085 124,323
Elementary 3,892 69,765
High 909 47,158
Middle/Jr High 110 1,728
Combined 149 5,411
Other 23 259

Schools Breakdown Count

Department USA / Email Counts
Athletics 606,965
Bilingual Education 53,972
Business Education 34,095
Business Office 45,521
Computer/technology 102,564
Early Childhood 140,542
Family And Consumer Science 23,163
Fine Arts 450,089
Foreign Language 98,344
Gifted Educator 27,831
Health Education 55,425
Humanities 24,699
Language Arts 430,395
Library 53,579
Department USA / Email Counts
Mathematics 380,458
Other Administration 63,969
Other School Staff 1,013,764
Other Teaching Staff 2,012,727
Physical Education 162,180
Remedial 37,521
Science 328,754
Secretary 239,621
Senior Administration 204,700
Social Studies 323,251
Special Needs 824,323
Student Services 374,838
Teachers By Grade 955,812
Vocational Education 198,320