What is a good sales pitch when you pitch to the CMO?

What is a good sales pitch when you pitch to the CMO?

What would you pitch to a person who had seen it all as far as marketing is concerned?

It is difficult enough pitching to your average client that pitching to a marketing chief can be one big ask. A C-Suite exec, whose time runs by the seconds and who is unforgiving to ‘normal’ or average pitches, can be a tough person to impress.

So, what does it really take to successfully pitch to a CMO?

Here are a few interesting ways to conduct your sales pitch, successfully –

Garner interest, start well

First things first, you must create an interest in the CMO such that s/he is enthused and allows you time over the next few minutes. How do you do that?

Experience says that for any pitch it is important to be able to put across what you do in a succinct and yet simple manner. When you’re able to articulate what your company does and why its offerings are unique in a couple of sentences – you have hit the ‘’interest’’ button.

A large part of the CMO’s role involves in communicating to customers succinctly about the brand and s/he will appreciate it if you can do the same about your brand.

Highlight your USP

The next thing that keeps the CMO glued to your presentation is something that would catch and hold his/her attention.

You may begin with quoting an established player in your industry and say how your offering differs from theirs. For example, ‘’We do what Uber does, but make it simpler and faster to locate cabs, and yeah, our driver-cancellations are minimal’’

By doing this, you are telling the CMO that you do know your market well enough and not just that, you know why you might well be the preferred choice in the making.

Stress on customer journey

Heidi Bullock, CMO at Engagio (a B2B SaaS company helping marketers drive new business), says that CMOs often look beyond customer acquisition to the sales journey and customer retention. Detail out to the CMO how you intend to help him/her capture customers by analysing the customer journey and how you can help in customer retention. At the C-Suite level, it isn’t about one win, it is about winning continuously and consistently. Let the CMO know you’re in with him for the long-haul.

Find the unusual

For a marketer nothing beats the excitement of ‘discovering’ something s/he had not seen in the first place. With your offering, help the CMO see something he has not seen so far. Talk about the regular uses of your offering, but do point out something unique and exclusive that your offering can provide. Example, the cost savings your customers stand to gain after using your offering for a year.

Pitching to CMOs involves not only experience, but also the ability to present yourself and your brand in a manner that stands you different from the rest. The first couple of minutes matter a lot. It is here that you will create a foundation for your pitch. If foundation is weak, the pitch would not stand, so start well and end well.

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Arun Pillai

Arun Pillai

Being a SVP - Enterprise Customers & Global Resellers Channel for over 8 years, Arun Pillai serves a key position in Lake B2B Data Partners Group. Due to extensive experience inside and outside his domain in varied industries like healthcare, education technology etc., he has accurate knowledge to predict the next big thing in data with high accuracy. Follow him to get his latest take on the day’s biggest data marketing happenings.