10 Brilliant Avenues to Leverage Your Healthcare List for Better RoI

10 Brilliant Avenues to Leverage Your Healthcare List for Better RoI


  • 77% of all healthcare enquiries begin at a search engine.
  • 72% of all internet users have checked for health information online within a year period

~ Pew Research Center


Your decision to buy that high value healthcare marketing database is well placed. Now once you have the list, what next? Launch a campaign obviously! But is that all?


With sensitive company information like firmographic intelligence, hospital & facility system information at your disposal, your healthcare list can do so much better than just launching a campaign. Learn the hacks to optimize your campaign performance in line with your enhanced industry data.

10 Avenues Where Your Healthcare List Can Produce Amazing RoI


  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

This is your core objective. You have a fresh medical supplies shipment coming in. This means new opportunities, and professional email IDs are the best places to test it. But with just an addition of two or three preference fields in your healthcare list, you can personalize your messages specific to your target audience, harnessing higher impact.




  1. Response Automation

Healthcare industry thrives under immediate, compassionate responses. Marketing automation is one way to get real-time, though it requires some getting used to. Then again, the results are more than rewarding. Starting from relevant representation of your objectives and services on landing pages and mail campaigns, customized automated responses, regular goodwill greetings to campaign analysis – seamless marketing management is under your fingertips.


  1. Social Media Targeting

Social media is one place where all your healthcare prospects connect regularly. It reaches more people, and when used rightly it can help generate awareness, leads, followers, product views, purchases, and a lot more. Now with crisis notifications (Like Facebook’s ‘marked safe’ and ‘blood donor’ drives), your healthcare business can thrive in social media, with maximum exposure.


  1. Healthcare Business Profiling

Group your healthcare prospects into smaller segments based on products and services, common traits, characteristics and purchase behaviors. Segmenting lists enable brands to focus on tailored marketing communications to specific types of professionals, across channels. This helps you speak more intelligently to your customers, giving them information they want at YOUR opportune time. Dissecting your list requires surgical precision, thereby demanding professional assistance.




  1. Healthcare Retargeting Ads

Retargeting advertisements target healthcare list audiences who showed some interest in your products or services by visiting your website. Rather than trying to attract first-time visitors who may or may not convert, retargeting campaigns strive to harness a pool of repeat visitors who are more likely to convert.


  1. Healthcare Telemarketing

Being one of the oldest, trusted and tested marketing tactics, telemarketing also comes cheap and provides the vital advantage of direct human connections (though some may dispute it being an advantage altogether). Telemarketing provides the factor of compassion and understanding which cannot be ignored. Specialized telemarketing services are offered by numbers of notable agencies. Outsourcing saves resources, and provides direct verification to your list’s authenticity.


  1. Medical Webinars & Conference Invites

Share event invites to your contact list. Let them know you are attending or exhibiting at an event. Run customized event campaigns to your list at periodic intervals, setting reminders and share benefits of how this event can help their business. Want to take your list interactions to the next level? Host a webinar. Medical webinars have the highest engagement amongst all events and guarantees 10-20% conversion too.


  1. B2B Medical Surveys

Firstly, B2B medical surveys are different than the normal one-to-one medical surveys. B2B surveys are seamless and cost-effective tools to understand your prospects’ business purchase behaviors. Utilizing survey campaigns routinely, you can demonstrate that you value your prospects’ opinions while also gain important information about the type of products, services and enhancements they might be willing to pay for.


  1. Customized Newsletters

Newsletter subscribers are valuable soft leads who have already appreciated your thoughts to a certain degree. With the right amount of subtle persuasion, they could eventually end up as full-fledged customers or clients. Creating customized newsletters for favorable list segments rather than your entire list fetches better results and saves campaign costs.


  1. Visual Media Campaigns

Your healthcare clients are watching more videos than ever. Close to 92% of B2B prospects consume online videos today. From generic awareness videos to videos on latest innovations in the field, it’s one of the most powerful platforms to share your message across all platforms. Adding audio-visual content to any form of marketing campaign increases its readability manifolds. The most essential aspect of videos is that it has the potential to defeat legibility barriers across geographical and cultural differences.


Healthy To-Do Hacks to Earn Deserving RoI for Your Healthcare List




  • Append geo-locations and medical technology usage history to create better, relevant campaigns
  • Automate regular responses to reduce turn-around-time, build reliability
  • Join as many healthcare groups in as many social platforms as possible
  • Cater your marketing for the buyer persona, and then to the buyer
  • Schedule one-to-one exclusive meetings during your big event or exhibit
  • Think dynamic surveys. Transform your questionnaire to an interactive contest
  • Add member log-in for your sites. Promote membership benefits wherever you can
  • Try private hosting for your business videos and blogs. Earn your reader’s trust through credibility


Your healthcare list can do better than just campaigns. Realize its true potential with Lake B2B. Contact Lake B2B’s expert data consultants to resolve your most difficult data concerns.




Arun Pillai

Arun Pillai

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