The essentials for B2B Marketers: Tactics to handle pre and post GDPR challenges

The essentials for B2B Marketers: Tactics to handle pre and post GDPR challenges

Author: Marshal


As businesses gear up to set the global standards for responsible marketing in the European Union, B2B marketers set there to do list until 25th May 2018.

Although GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is already a demon for few, rest are trying their best to deal with the situation. But nothing stops business!

You should not worry unless you’re part of the senior management team, the C-suite or you’re a data or compliance manager.


The scenario Now!


The rules of consent remain the same for B2C and B2B under the new regulation. This made many B2B businesses feel being polarised. However recent studies on GDPR says B2B businesses are doing well in implementing and strategizing along with their B2C cousins.





Four things that currently B2B marketers are concerned about are –  


1)Getting explicit consent from European Customers for future engagement.

2)Match their existing European database with the new regulation – Gain Double or Single opt-in for all B2B European customer database

3)Analyzing and monitoring European customers online – Purchase habits, Buying Behaviour and so on. And

4)The rise in the price of b2b customer records which will hit and damage ROI pretty badly.

5)Implementing a dynamic GDPR complaint process.


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To Clarify …


The same rules of B2C marketing imply on B2B marketers. You will need to have prior consent (Opt-in). For telemarketing and Direct mail campaigns, you need to offer an Opt-out (Option for Audience to unsubscribe). Regardless the channel, B2B marketers will have to produce content of their offer, products, and services relevant to recipients job profile.


This situation will not change under GDPR. Rules for Email marketing and mobile marketing comes under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). However, there will be obligations on collection personal customer data enhanced requirements. In order to do so, you need clear consent and improved privacy policies.


The current strategy


Currently, things remain the same.


B2B marketers have realized that currently its right time to launch multichannel marketing campaigns targeting European audience and get as many targeted European data lists. The objective behind doing so is to benefit as many Opt-in (double or single) consent from existing or new targeted European lists (customers and engaged data contacts) while the price of database and data solutions remains the same.


Roll as many multichannel campaigns as possible to gain opt-in (double or single) to engage with your European clients in future. If you host events ask attendees to opt for the slides, have a pop-up on your website and run double opt-in campaigns.


6 Steps for B2B businesses leveraging Email Marketing should implement Immediately


Identify EU specific Email Lists: Delve the existing EU email lists to match it with the new regulation (GDPR).


Start Multichannel Opt-in Campaigns: Start targeted multi channel opt-in campaigns as early as possible to gain compliant Opt-in lists post GDPR.


Append Missing Information: Before you begin targeted campaigns to your current European Lists, append lists to add missing or new information. This will help you improve overall campaign performance and help you gain more consent.


GDPR compliant Sign-up process: Each 28 states will have different opt-in requirements- Either single or Double opt-in, ensure to leverage the relevant sign-up process.


Purchase Email Lists: In addition to your existing European database you can purchase email lists from reputed vendors to increase your newly built European list size.


To end with…


GDPR will have a significant effect on how business to business companies manage and maintain data. So far IT and marketing teams have been worried about how to treat data, now more stakeholders are compelled to comply. Organisations need to start taking action now, or else later this grace period many may find themselves with inadequate time to take necessary steps.

If you’d like to understand what your B2B business needs to do to achieve compliance for your existing European database, talk to us today for a consultation.



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With over +80 million verified B2B European customer records obtained through dedicated research, to implement effective marketing initiatives and build customer relationships leveraging data-driven strategic marketing services. Our Databases are compliant to world wide data protect Acts. As a leader in high-end data solutions and services, Lake B2B feels extremely positive about GDPR. It’s a great way to become 100% Citizen centric to protect and respect privacy!


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