How the power of data can change your direct mail results

How the power of data can change your direct mail results

“Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen” famously said entrepreneur Jim Bergeson. Data today has the power to offer game-changing insights into all aspects of businesses. The power of data is what be the difference between an ordinary email marketing camping and a highly successful one. In fact, with the power of data, a $1 spent in email marketing offers a possible generation of $44 in ROI.

Not all businesses have the budget or the technical expertise to tap data trends or mine big data. Thankfully smarter choices like using data to power their direct mail results do not require high budgets and can lead to more planned marketing campaigns and higher ROIs. Here is how the power of data can change your direct mail results along with some best practices to embrace the data power.

Data can help create target lists

Data appending is not just about names, emails and phone numbers. A successful data appending approach takes into account various parameters that can help businesses create target lists. Things like marital status, number of dependents, details about annual incomes etc are all parameters that can help various businesses create a targeted customer mail list.  A target list helps achieve personalized marketing campaigns that can have a direct impact on MROI.

Data ensures a value-driven approach

Unless a product is offering value for the consumer, the product may not appear to be an attractive proposition. Using the power of data and leveraging data insights, businesses can create mail lists that offer unique value for each of their clients. While some consumers may find ‘buy one get one free’ offer as a value proposition while others may need cajoling over the value of discount on offer. Using data effectively is the basis on which businesses can offer such value-driven propositions for their clients and help increase sale figures substantially.

Saving on costs and time

The whole objective of a marketing campaign is to ensure the right information is delivered to the right target audience. Using tools like email appending, marketing teams save both time and money as the content gets delivered right into the mailbox of the consumers either using the product or those who have shown interests in the same. Marketing teams can focus more on how to market their products and streamline their campaigns to offer personal insights instead of spending time and energy to reach the audiences.

Exclusive deals and discount offerings based on previous data

More than sales, it is the repeated sale and customer retention that is what makes a company or business truly successful. Data can be leveraged by businesses in helping understand the buying trends and patterns for each consumer. As a result, a business can offer personalized discounts based on the purchase history and need for each consumer. Consumers also prefer a company that is more likely to offer deals on the products they are likely to buy. Data leverage when used effectively can be a win-win situation for both enterprises and consumers.

The Last Word: Data is not just a high volume of notes with no insights but can offer great insights for businesses to grow and prosper. Using data effectively starts by data appending to ensure full utilization of the power data offers.


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Arun Pillai

Arun Pillai

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