Personalizing emails with real data is Trending

Personalizing emails with real data is Trending

Emails are still the best option for marketing campaigns. But in recent times we have seen a flood of email campaigns. Hence, the recipe for success in this noisy market to make emails personalized. If you want to stand out in someone’s inbox then you have to engage the person.

Moreover, accessing the information about you customers have never been this easy. With targeted mailing this information can be put to a good use.

By targeted we mean personalization at its best. To use personalization at its best, one should combine and integrate the data acquired from multiple sources. This method enriches the data far more than relying on a single source. With data enrichment you will have crystal clear understanding of the client and his expectations.

To serve the client in a better way there are few things that needs to be kept in the mind.

  • Who visited the site
  • What they were looking for
  • Include the details in the email
  • Send the emails and track the performance


  • A platform needs to be setup for collecting and processing of customer data to test campaigns
  • A database needs to created or acquired which have the detailed segmentation of clients data
  • Traditional HTML forms can be used to capture emails from a blog
  • Javascrpt libraries can be used to track interactions with various landing pages
  • Calculated user fields could be run through



It’s a trusted fact that the interest for promoting personalization is getting more grounded continuously. With a lot of data and new advertising channels besieging us, brands are under steady strain to catch new clients and hold existing ones. This is driving the requirement for more customized presentation.

At each period of the pipe, advertisers must discover approaches to profoundly and straightforwardly interface with the customer. There are noteworthy details to demonstrate that personalization is quick turning into the brilliant ticket to showcasing achievement.

Regardless of whether we don’t take a gander at the numbers, it’s not hard to comprehend the intensity of customized advertising. In a time where clients expect custom fitted encounters, personalization isn’t only a decent to-have alternative.

Shockingly, personalization is an under-used procedure.  Personalization requires a profound association with the two information and network, and these bits of the promoting riddle are absent for such a large number of brands.

By what means can organizations settle these issues and convey powerful, more customized encounters for their clients? How might they utilize customized advertising to slice through the messiness, and be seen and heard? The response to every one of these inquiries lies in a certain something—a sensible information methodology.


You may state you’re gathering data, however the inquiry is, would you say you are gathering each bit of information that you can? Brands today have more purchaser data readily available than any time in recent memory, and they can utilize that information to become more acquainted with their clients top to bottom.

In any case, ongoing investigations propose that most advertisers are as yet stayed with the nuts and bolts—email, name, area, and socioeconomics—with regards to catching information, while propelled measurements like way of life, online buys and practices, and meaningful gestures frequently go unnoticed.

When you’re forgetting such a significant number of bits of the riddle, it’s conspicuous you’re not going to see the entire picture. Basically, brands need to track each and every association they have with a client from each and every touch point, over the entirety of your inbound, outbound, advanced, disconnected, and ongoing channels.



Mentioning email subject line with a person’s name leaves a lasting impact. Every customer or client today is looking for personalization. We have a huge database to source these days, hence, it’s essential to utilize the opportunity to drive sales through personalization.

According to the survey many businesses are still lagging on extensively personalizing emails. So what is the reason for not utilizing personalization in marketing strategies? Every marketer knows how critical personalization is for a successful marketing campaign.

The real problem, which came up in survey is the inability of the 70% marketers, to personalize the content within the required time frame. So the problem lies in implementation and prowess. So here we are mentioning some of the ways to get an email personalized.

Questions should be in line with the context            

  • Ask your customers about their reasons for visiting, using or subscribing the website.
  • It is priceless as it will make you aware of the clients thinking and needs
  • Keep the questions short and easy
  • It will provide you with the insights that will make the emails extremely targeted
  • It will substantially increase your open rate and click through rate

Customer segmentation and profiling

  • Segment your customers on the basis of different profiles to send personalized emails based on the profiling
  • Segmentation and profiling can be done by following website behavior and download history
  • Personalize the emails based on the interests shown and problems faced by the clients of a specific profile

Demographics and time Zones

  • Identify the customers locality and time slots through browsing details
  • Segment the clients into various time zones
  • Send emails to the clients on their preferred time
  • It will drive your open rate and will uplift the revenue for sales

Automated behavioral triggered emails

  • Real time reaction through emails has one of the highest open rates
  • Multiple actions can be fulfilled through triggered emails such as, up-selling and cross-selling, welcome, re-engagement and so on
  • Adding call to action button to such emails is an advantage
  • It one of the best methods to make a client revisit the website

Personalizing the Brand

  • When the brand emails are send by a specific person or department, the chances of click through rate increases
  • Mails sent by the concerned department establishes a better human connection
  • It makes the client feel the interaction on a more personal terms
  • Rather than using “we” in an email try to use “I” it will makes the conversation informal

Integrated the personalized emails with the landing pages

  • Maintain a consistent look for your email and landing pages
  • Put same call to action for landing pages and emails
  • Customers responses are more likely for the campaign which is in sync

Personalize your images

  • Personalize your images based on data and profiles
  • Personalize the images based on location
  • Personalizing images may include gender, preferences, patterns, nuances etc.

Personalize your offers

  • Custom made offers based on gender and requirements serves way better
  • Offers can be also personalized based on location
  • Past purchase and search history is also a great way of customizing

Personalization based on behavior

  • It is a complex process but is highly rewarding especially for highly targeted segments
  • It is based on interested, behavior, and engagement
  • Personal data plays a great role in behavioral customization
  • You can report send individual perks, offer relevant deals and share a unique referral code, among other things


Data will change over time and hence tracking and verification is needed. Data appending is one of the best services you could opt for.

Fragmented and mistaken data can enormously harm the odds of making sales driven marketing. Of late, keeping up information quality has turned into a need for each B2B business to manage a flawless database.  In this way, it is profoundly fundamental to have successful data appending that deals with information issues which may emerge now and again.

Affixing Data is the way toward filling in voids in datasets with exact and current information. Appending Service will satisfy every one of your necessities of full contact points of interest, email locations and online networking profile data that might be basic for your multi-channel promoting endeavors. Dynamic Data Append Services will ensure finish prospect data and leave no space for stale records.



Always remember to verify and authenticate your lists. Never risk buying data from old pre-built databases. They use a 3 layer verification process to ensure an accuracy of 96% which includes:

Leads verification: Database providers verify leads in all possible ways. They have the tools and methodologies to perform this task successfully. Most of the companies don’t have such mechanisms as it’s a specialized field. It will make your emails more targeted.

SMTP checking: Database providers crosscheck the SMTP which considerably reduces bounce rates

Final QA random sampling test: the data is rerun in random sampling questions which ensure that no discrepancies occur

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