Data automation – not a solution in silo

Mike Connolly July 25, 2014
data automation

Automation tool seems like one of the saviors of this century, isn’t it? We have spoken about it and its benefits in our earlier posts like Give your business a boost with data automation, and Data automation – from piles of paper to lists of contacts. And now, we are here to dispute that! We want to tell you that automation is not designed to do all the work that you are supposed to be doing.

If you want to ask us whether we use automation software on a daily basis, the answer is yes. Is it a vital part of our work? Yes, it is. Has it helped us increase our company’s success rate and to better understand our customers? Certainly, yes!

Data automation has been instrumental in bringing a number of changes in the way we work, and has also helped us bring down the human effort to a great extent. However, we know that this is not something with magical powers that can replace half of your data team by automating their jobs.

It is not a wizard which can create amazing e-books and a pool of collaterals. It can neither come up with 50 smart tweets to keep your presence strong on the social forums nor can it function for de-duplication data without human commands. It cannot make calls to people and verify for their personal details.

All of these things still need people like you and me. And this is the most challenging part of automation. So, data automation can certainly do many things, but the whole idea is to help you in working better and not to replace you. While conceptualization is still in your hands, data automation only does the execution which can be automated.

But let us reiterate one thing: today, automation tools have made our work atmosphere more manageable. Keeping a track of what works and what fails was never this easy. We can do many things that we couldn’t do before automation, and yes we have added responsibility to our existing employees instead of replacing them with the data automation tools. At Lake B2B, we work with a good blend of automated tools as well as efficient resources. In case you are looking for any data related queries, type your request here and we will revert with the details.

Mike Connolly

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