Know Your Customers Personality with Social Media Appending

Know Your Customers Personality with Social Media Appending

85 points – every time a follower shared content through your paid campaign on LinkedIn
80 points – every time a prospect likes your Facebook page
70 points – every time a lead follows you on Twitter

While lead scoring is important to drive relevant messaging, what story does it give you about your customers’ personality?

Do you know who your customer really is? Where they reside? What they work as? What are their interests? What brands they prefer? Where they hang out online? And who their friends are?

As B2B marketers, we have to include social media as part of our overall marketing strategy, in order to increase engagement, enhance brand image and improve conversions.

To take your marketing plan a step further, appending is a beneficial way of adding contact information of your prospects in your database, only with permission. Social Media Profile Appending is a great technique to take your social media plan to a more personal level. It helps you know your customer, their behavior, their preferences, and their brand affiliations.

By appending social media information, you can get insights into who your prospects are, what they do and prefer, where they reside and hang out, and with whom they are interact with and influence.

Social Media Append

Social media appending provides you with a story about your customers, enabling you to connect with them more relevantly. Social media appending helps you:

  1. Create a seamless online experience for your customers.
  2. Communicate, interact and connect with customers in ways they wish to be.
  3. Use platforms that your customers are plugged into.
  4. Identify which customers are most influential.
  5. Connect with customers in places where they are actively engaging and influencing.
  6. Customize messaging based on your customers’ social behavior.

With a social-verified database of your customers, approach your target audience through all touch points, relevantly.

Know Your Customers’ Personality
Genuinely Converse, Truly Engage and Connect
With Social Media Profile Appending
Get to Know How

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