Data is your core asset. Are you maintaining it with data cleansing?

Mike Connolly July 1, 2014
data asset

Leave anything unattended for long, and you see it getting blighted sooner than you imagined. Similarly, for any business, the real value is dependent on its customer base, the mailing lists.These lists are used over and over again, for offers and events, but rarely get the attention of being updated.

Fourth of July Independence Day is just a couple of days away and we are sure that you have big plans for this big day. If you are in a business, no matter how big or small, you will definitely be celebrating this day with your customers. You are planning on sending some Fourth of July offers, discounts, and more. You have done everything required to make this a success. But are you sure that the mailing list you have been using has all your potential customers included in it?

Even if your database was updated during last Christmas by now, at least 13% of your data has already decayed. It is estimated that every month an average of 2.1% of business data decays. So that’s why the need for data cleansing becomes so important. What better time than Independence Day to update your database?

The benefits of data cleansing at frequent intervals

  • Before anything else, you are complying with the Data Protection Act
  • You have with you a consistently formatted structure of your data
  • Validated contact details, including telephone numbers and email addresses ensure that you do not waste time dialing wrong numbers
  • Deduplication
  • Much accurate data analysis
  • Effective customer target among many others

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Mike Connolly

Vice President, Sales has a 15 year track record in B2B marketing and sales. With expertise in B2B Email Appending, Enhancement and Validation made accessible to more than 3000 clients worldwide. An avid traveler, takes keen interest in exploring brand development strategies and unchartered techniques for marketing solutions.


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