Build a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Mike Connolly October 2, 2013
Build a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

It is a known fact that the best digital marketing channel that generates ROI is email marketing. However, email marketing has evolved, from the type of emails sent, the channels used, the tone of messaging, the target audience, to the change in focus on segmentation. Email marketing has transformed, as blanket marketing replaces more targeted, segmented and trigger-based campaigns, the objectives of B2B marketers worldwide has evolved as well.

With tight delivery dates scheduled for yesterday, the focus on strategic aspects of email marketing invariably gets buried.  When developing email campaigns, do you get into specifics of subject lines, personalization, relevant messaging, device agnostic designs, time of sending emails, and segmentation of lists?

As an email marketer we constantly face these top challenges….

  • Creating relevant content
  • Bad contacts in the mailing list
  • Growing subscriber base
  • Improve deliverability

One way to overcome the challenges is by following the best practices and sending relevant communication. Based on our experience in email marketing, we’re sharing few good practices that will be handy for you to build your email marketing strategies.

  1. Send mails only to opt-in users.
  2. Answer this question every time you create a campaign What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?(With so many emails eyeing for attention, your content quality matters)
  3. Let your recipients know the type of content you’ll be sending
    ( Is it articles, news, advice, or deals)
  4. Set the right expectation (frequency and timing)

Mike Connolly

Vice President, Sales has a 15 year track record in B2B marketing and sales. With expertise in B2B Email Appending, Enhancement and Validation made accessible to more than 3000 clients worldwide. An avid traveler, takes keen interest in exploring brand development strategies and unchartered techniques for marketing solutions.