7 Tips to Start Your B2B Video Marketing Journey

7 Tips to Start Your B2B Video Marketing Journey

Video content is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for B2B marketers across industries. It’s a powerful tool that helps you share your message with your target audience via engaging and informative content. And if you’re still wondering if you should jump into video content to accelerate your B2B marketing strategies, here are a few video marketing statistics that will help you take the leap.

  • 86% of businesses leverage video marketing
  • 92% of marketers consider video content to be a vital part of their marketing strategy
  • 79% of marketers expect to start using video marketing in 2022
  • 87% of marketers have seen an increase in traffic after using video marketing
  • 86% of marketers say video marketing has helped them generate leads
  • 81% of marketers have increased sales with video marketing
  • 93% of marketers have seen an increase in brand awareness with video marketing
  • On average, people spend 19 hours every week watching online videos

Benefits of Using Video for B2B Marketing

As a B2B brand, you can use video to-

  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Increase your customer retention rate
  • Support marketing strategies across other channels
  • Connect with customers at different levels in the sales funnel
  • Ensure your remarketing campaigns are effective and successful

Tips to Start Your B2B Video Marketing Journey

Tips to Start Your B2B Video Marketing Journey

If you’re ready to leverage video and take your marketing strategies to the next level, here are 7 tips to help you get started-

  1. Keep Your Videos Short And To The Point

If you’re tempted to create extensive videos talking about all the features and benefits of your offerings, you should hold that thought. Here’s why-

  • 68% of viewers prefer watching a video that is not longer than 60 seconds.
  • Videos longer than two minutes have a sharp fall in engagement
  • Short videos are more effective to retain the audience attention
  • They help you share major features of your products or services quickly

In the digital era, time is precious, and customers do not want to spend it watching lengthy videos. Therefore, you should focus on creating succinct videos that talk about the benefits you offer without getting into the technical details.

  1. Use Videos To Build Brand Awareness

Use Videos To Build Brand Awareness

Videos are an excellent tool for sharing your brand’s story, mission, and vision with your target audience. You can use videos to hold the attention of your audience and offer them solutions in a more interactive way.

  • 46% of the marketers say video content has made it easier to convince others
  • 94% of marketers have seen an increase in consumer understanding of their products and services
  • 73% of customers prefer watching a video to learn about a brand’s product or services


Video content helps potential customers discover your brand and convert cold leads into qualified ones. It is an effective way to generate quality leads maintaining a higher engagement rate.

  1. Share Customer Testimonials To Build Trust

Before making a purchase, your potential customers will want to read reviews or testimonials to understand the value of your products or services. Asking your customers to make a short video about their experience is a powerful way to establish your credibility. The following data further strengthens this point-

  • 88% of viewers were convinced to buy a brand’s product or service after watching a video
  • 78% of people were convinced to download an app or software after watching a video


Videos clearly have the potential to convert prospective leads into long-term customers. Therefore, sharing the experience of your existing clients can build their confidence in your brand and move them further down in the sales funnel.

  1. Use Case Study Videos To Reflect On A Successful Project

Use Case Study Videos To Reflect On A Successful Project

Case studies help your audience not only learn about the solutions you’re offering but also understand how they can solve a real-life situation. You can make a case study video featuring all the stakeholders involved in the project and talk about the pain points of the customer and how you implemented your solution to address them.

48% of marketers create videos about client testimonials. Case study videos also help your target customers differentiate you from your competitors. Tellingly, case study videos are one of the high-performing marketing strategies for B2B businesses.

  1. Make Product Demo or Explainer Videos
  • 74% of the B2B videos are explainer videos
  • 49% of marketers have reduced support calls with videos
  • 40% of marketers create videos for a product demo
  • 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn about a brand’s offerings


Explainer and instructional videos are extremely common in the B2B video marketing landscape. You can make these videos even on a small budget as long as your target audience can get value out of it. If your brand is targeting multiple buyer personas, you can also create explainer videos about how your products or services can solve their unique pain points.

  1. Organize Live Webinars

Organize Live Webinars

Live webinars are another excellent video marketing tool that creates FOMO among your audience. You can live stream a valuable discussion, a Q&A, an event, etc. This allows you to build a personal connection with your audience and interact with them in real-time. Here’s what marketers have to say about live webinars-

  • 46% of marketers will use webinars in their marketing strategy for 2022
  • 42% of marketers use live-action videos
  • 26% of marketers will include Facebook live in their marketing strategy for 2022


  1. Make Use of Social Media

Using video content on social media platforms helps you reach a wider audience, build brand awareness, promote your products and services, and much more. Here’s how marketers across industries are leveraging social media to boost their B2B marketing strategies.

The top social media platforms for B2B video marketing are-

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

To Wrap Up

Video content is an effective marketing strategy, and it’s here to stay. It can hold your viewers’ attention better than any other form of content. Additionally, videos are an excellent tool to achieve your marketing goals and generate good ROI. If you haven’t yet realized the power of video content, it is time to incorporate them into your marketing strategy and boost conversions.


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