4 Ways to Use Email Marketing Effectively With Other Digital Marketing Channels

Arun Pillai June 20, 2019
4 Ways to Use Email Marketing Effectively With Other Digital Marketing Channels


The use of email marketing does not need to be an alternative to all the other channels of communication. All marketing channels can be used together and the benefits of all can be increased by using emails correctly.

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The number of options available to a digital marketer have increased manifold today. Apart from the website of the company, there are social media profiles that can be used, and blogs which can be written. But apart from these, the most common and useful way of digital marketing is email marketing.

There is no dispute among digital marketers regarding the efficacy of email marketing. But the stated benefits of email marketing can only be seen if it is done in the right way. In most of the digital marketing packages, email marketing is seen as a standalone initiative that is done irrespective of the volume and frequency of the other initiatives.

For the real benefits of email marketing to accrue, it must be dovetailed into the other initiatives and done as part of a well co-ordinated strategy. Let us look at some of the recommended best practices for your email marketing initiatives, so that you can aim for multi-channel campaign success.

  1. An effective email would be one which ends with providing all the ways the reader can connect to your other digital marketing The links to social media portals, your website, and to other topics of interest where you have a point of view should be shared. Most companies add on all these details as a footnote in the email, or they add them to the signature at the end of the email.
  2. It is important that the mailing list must be refreshed at regular intervals. Most marketers do that. But apart from checking for old or wrong email ids to flush out from the list, it is important that new email ids gleaned from the other channels should be added to the email list. For example, if a certain email id has been provided during a chat session with a chatbot, or if an email id has been provided as a part of a post or comment in a social media profile, it must be immediately added on.
  3. Because there are so many marketing channels available to a digital marketer today, there should be varied usage of an email. It is fine if the emails are about product or services offered by the company, or about no products or services being launched. But once in a while, it is a good idea to also draft emails about the industry in general, for example some latest trends etc. Social media profiles or the website of a company would necessarily have all necessary information about product line or service offerings. That is why the emails could sometimes be also used for general interest topics.
  4. There was a time when emails were the only source of push marketing. But now, with so many channels available, a digital marketer would be well advised to take a relook at the frequency of the email communication. Too frequent emails could be an overkill for a recipient who might be already following the company on social media or through blogs.

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