Fussy Choosy Picky or Finicky AB

Account Based Marketing was popular with less than 7.6% companies globally in 2006. However, with growing competition and traditional marketing methods crashing even before the results start showing, ABM has emerged as the need of the hour. More than 38% companies are
opting for it today.
From mass marketing to segmented marketing, and now Account Based Marketing, the focus has been zeroing in on revenue generation. Companies know exactly who their target audience is and how to convert them by treating each of them as an ACCOUNT. In this report, you will find the must-dos of an Account Based Marketer for converting prospective accounts into clients – whether they are fussy, choosy, picky or anything else – it really doesn’t matter! As the accounts are ideally owned and managed by the sales side, Account Based Marketing has a few challenges for marketers. Before you start creating an Account Based Marketing plan, pay close attention towards the internal organizational concerns and the external customer concerns. The following are the best and must have practices for creating a successful Account Based Marketing program

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