Lake B2B’s Pre-verified Customer Records Unlock Sky-high Email Deliverability Rates for a Leading Computer Software Firm


Our client is a global frontrunner in providing software solutions for staff management and seamless workplace operations. With headquarters in Atlanta, San Fransico, Sydney, and London, the company caters to worldwide customers, helping them create smoother employee demand chains, prepare better and more accurate payrolls than before, and establish unhindered communication channels. Most importantly, it helps companies from varied industries streamline their employee admins, optimizing their workforce. Hence, the client accrues 2X increase in annual returns and is currently projected to grow by 17% Y-o-Y CAGR.


Reaching target accounts successfully and maintaining high email deliverability rates for profitable campaigns.

Despite holding a firm position as a top-tier solutions provider, the client faced a persistent hindrance to achieving high sales: low email engagement. The company had a diverse range of products to offer – from payroll integrations and cx optimizations to task managements and account management – but selling them meant reaching the right eyeballs in the first place. Without sufficient brand awareness, their services/products could never leave the shelves and the low email engagement proved the notion right.

The company’s sales had the following to add – “email engagement metrics showed that less than half our daily emails sent were reaching the targeted inboxes. Several of them bounced back, and existing customers were unsubscribing from our newsletters.”

Upon analysis, our data experts identified a poorly maintained crm, along with the absence of key customer records. Due to these, the client’s campaigning foundation itself was incorrect. Before deploying campaigns, they required a clear picture of the computer software sector and its allied segments. Plus, they also needed accurate customer data to understand which executives and decision-making professionals were actively seeking the products sold by the client, like: –

  • Scheduling software
  • Attendance and accountability optimization
  • Payroll integration
  • Account management solutions
  • Time tracking software
  • Mobile application for workforce tracking
  • Leave management solutions
  • Fair workweek compliance service
  • Auto scheduling
  • Shift swapping programs
  • Remote working solutions

By evaluating and segmenting customers based on their needs, the client could understand their total addressable market (tam). This would further help the sales and marketing unit focus on lucrative markets and concentrate on converting the hottest leads located within them.

What’s more, they were in dire need of a versatile database instead of a homegrown repository with a one-fits-all undertone. Since the client catered to multiple audience groups, it was essential for them to consider various customers’ solution needs and to use that data to engage them asap.

What Happened Next?
The client needed to patch up the leaks quickly. Hence, Edward sourced a local data provider and invested a hefty amount in their services, hoping to turn around the email engagement scenario for the better.

However, that was far from what happened. The provider’s email repository, although vast, mostly provided outdated email addresses and incomplete customer records. As a result, the client’s CRM was now filled with umpteen records that lacked the juice to target credible and prospective inboxes. Instead of improving the situation, this database worsened it, further increasing hard bounce rates. The investment simply led to the sales team getting blindsided with incorrect insights and a low-quality mailing list that lacked any lead-gen capability whatsoever.


Sara, the sales team’s R&D head, came across LakeB2B’s website while searching for a better data provider. Reading our customer success stories and niche services, she instantly reached out to us. Here’s what we provided to change the client’s campaigning pace quickly: –

Comprehensive and customized customer records for quick lead-gen and campaign results

Our data experts listened to the client’s requests and understood just what they needed: in-depth customer records to assess its TAM, best customer segments, and campaign strategies.

Therefore, our team provided 21,708 unique records, intelligently segmented across the client’s desired customer categories. All these insights were spread across the following job titles: –

  • C and V-level, Manager, and other decision-making professionals
    (Store, Front/Back of House, Operations, Finance, HR)
  • General Manager (GM)
  • Staff Manager
  • Owner
  • Senior Manager
  • Director
  • Regional Manager/Director
110+ data fields, meticulously curated and well-maintained

sector leads. These included: –

  • Employee size between 10-250
  • SIC codes
  • Direct mailing addresses
  • Revenue size
  • NAICS codes
  • Social profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • ZIP codes
  • FAX number
  • Business website

With these, the sales team had ample information to understand which decision-makers were making investments in HR software/POS integrations, shift worker management, and other areas for expedited workplace processes. Once identified, our insights helped the clients marketing team to create personalized messages based on every customer’s purchase intent and persona. Through these, the client reached targets faster, better and shortened the sales cycle.

Finally, our data enrichment procedures ensured an up-to-date CRM with fresh customer data and relevant insights for every campaign. We also facilitated lead nurture journeys through weekly drip email campaigns to help the client convert interested leads blazing-fast. Since our database offered unlimited access and usage, the company was free to use it and optimize its CRM as many times as they’d like. What followed? Consistently increasing campaign returns and decreased customer acquisition spends.


Within 3 months of employing LakeB2B’s human-powered email data, the client witnessed boosted new customer acquisitions by 200%. This also led to increased monthly returns of 4.5X on the company’s marketing spends.

Additionally, the holistic target records allowed the sales team to discover new audience groups with similar purchase intent. Using our data, they ran follow-up and invitation email campaigns, which in turn spiked the engagement numbers by 200%.

Availing Lake B2B’s services, the client quickly realized what they were missing: top-of-the-line customers. The refresheddatabase and records assisted them in multiple ways – from precise customer targeting, bi-weekly drip campaigns, successful follow-up campaigns to similar audience identification and relevant email content creation.

The client is now able to market different products to their best-suited customers and also deploy spot-on emails that never fail to reach the target inboxes.

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