Client Introduction:

The client is one of America’s leading care platforms, providing urgent, primary, and mental health care through end-to-end services.


The client wanted to engage customers seeking home-based telehealth services, especially virtual primary and urgent care. The company wanted to market its end-to-end solutions for ongoing care management, virtual appointments, mental health sessions, and allied services to its desired audience group: healthcare facilities and centers, which offered imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, Radiography, etc.) and blood testing services.


For this, the client’s sales and marketing unit required in-depth and niche email data to target their desired prospects. This also needed a thoroughly maintained CRM with up-to-date customer records to identify and engage the ideal leads situated in the USA.


The sales and marketing team tried conducting email campaigns to reach the imaging and blood testing facilities based on their customer persona. However, they lacked the required insights to do so and hence, missed promising leads while interested prospects leaked from their sales funnel. Campaign deliverability rates and CTRs began to drop as well, as the client was utilizing the cold-call approach instead of hyper-personalized conversations. Employing generic data also led to more exhausting sales cycles as customers were barely met with relevant services.


Ultimately, the client was in dire need of a solution to fuel their brand reach through personalized campaigns, reduced lead prospecting times, and a sales pipeline filled to the brim with HQLs. This way, the team could focus on promoting their end-to-end solutions to a lucrative industry segment and build a long-lasting audience group, allowing the brand to reach newer heights as well.

Better email engagement numbers than what they were witnessing was one of the client’s key requirements. However, their primary challenge was to reach the right audience in the first place and then engage them in the right way to sustain them as qualified leads in the long run.

The client wanted to engage prospects located in the following organizations within the USA: –

Blood testing centers

Imaging centers

An Overview of Imaging and Blood Testing Centre Targets Given by LakeB2B


LakeB2B’s data experts use the client’s requests to create a roadmap and collate a fresh database to revitalize their CRM. The client wanted data counts for its desired lead segments, along with their phone numbers, fax numbers, facility names, website links, service charges, accepted insurance plans, and mailing addresses.


Additionally, our data experts also provided a 100% verified and well-segmented list of imaging equipment used by the blood testing and imaging centers. All the data fields within this repository had a 100% fill rate to ensure maximum accuracy when delivering campaigns.

LakeB2B’s Best-of-Breed Data Solutions that Aided in Precision-Targeted Campaigns for Blazing Fast Conversions

Our data experts promised and delivered an A1 solution to overcome the client’s marketing hurdles as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provided the sales and marketing team with 16,320 data counts of imaging centers and 1,407 counts of blood testing centers. A total of 1,750 facility records were given to the client, involving their requested information categories and more.


  • This fresh and highly responsive database gave in-depth access to the client. Thus, they finally gained insights into the imaging equipment used by the targeted centers for services like cardiac MRIs, chest ultrasounds, Eye X-rays, bone ultrasounds, abdominal MRIs, brain X-rays, brain PET scans, pelvic ultrasounds, Atherectomy X-rays, uterus ultrasounds, toe X-rays, mastoid X-rays, and more.
  • All the insights were gathered from legal and trustable sources, including government records, medical directories, public services, healthcare websites, imaging center business cards, trade shows, yellow pages, etc.
  • The database was CAN-SPAM and GDPR-compliant to help the client avoid spam boxes and maintain nominal bounce rates for every email. Moreover, we also ran SMTP and NCOA checks to ensure a pristine database with no incorrect customer record whatsoever.
  • To ensure a 90% deliverability rate or higher, we also appended the database thoroughly, matching the records with our master dataset to eliminate duplicities, decayed insights, and cold leads.
  • Additionally, we took the client’s BANT requirements into account, ensuring a shorter sales cycle than what they were experiencing with their prior campaigns. Through a segmented database based on the client’s customizations, their sales and marketing team identified and engaged the hottest prospects and delivered successful follow-up emails to re-engage them whenever necessary.

These premium solutions allowed them to target customers quickly, convert them while they were advancing through the sales funnel, and helped the sales and marketing unit promote their services to relevant leads across the USA. The updated CRM further helped the client send customized messages to high-priority leads and witness market returns like never before.

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