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From a business feature to a necessity – Journey of data mining applications

Data mining applications
Mike Connolly March 17, 2014
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Turn Your List into a Strategic Asset – List hygiene best practices

Email list hygiene
Mike Connolly October 18, 2013
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Attend DMA2013 – Learn More Strategies for kick-starting Data-Driven Marketing

Mike Connolly October 4, 2013
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Build a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing
Mike Connolly October 2, 2013
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Market Research – All Questions Answered

Mike Connolly August 29, 2013
How do you find your customers’ preferences, buying habits, traits,and needs? Do you know what... Read More

How does Email Data Card help Email Marketers?

Mike Connolly August 29, 2013
First, let’s uncover the term data card…. An email data card is an informative document ... Read More

Marketing Solutions for B2B companies from LakeB2B

Marketing solutions
Mike Connolly August 27, 2013
Industry Specific & Business Centric Marketing Solutions for B2B Businesses Most business are no... Read More

Road Map to B2B Market Segmentation

B2B Market segmentation
Mike Connolly August 21, 2013
Unlike B2C market segmentation, B2B segmentation requires a deeper analysis, and study. In this blog... Read More