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Sharing borders with sales teams: Do the CMOs share sales revenue goals?

Revenue goals
Gautam Mane (Josh) February 5, 2019
So, we have had a fair understanding of the CMO roles, challenges and goals. Since we have had a fai... Read More

What is a good sales pitch when you pitch to the CMO?

Sales pitch
Arun Pillai (Ron) February 4, 2019
What would you pitch to a person who had seen it all as far as marketing is concerned? It is difficu... Read More

What are the most important attributes of a top-class CMO?

Attributes of CMO
Gautam Mane (Josh) February 1, 2019
‘’What makes a top-class CMO?’’ The question has never been as much emphasized as now. What ... Read More

Understanding the goals of a CMO in the Digital Era

goals of a CMO
Arun Pillai (Ron) January 31, 2019
In the previous blogs, we covered the evolving role of a CMO and the challenges faced. Now let’s g... Read More

Empower your marketing and sales intelligence: Distinguish between ICP and BP

Distinguish between ICP and BP
Gautam Mane (Josh) January 30, 2019
Marketing managers need to prioritize the abilities of their product offerings and match with the ... Read More

The existential dilemmas of the new-age CMO

Key challenges
Arun Pillai (Ron) January 29, 2019
The marketing landscape is changing, and at a very fast pace. While this may sound exciting, it does... Read More

In turbulent waters: The CMO in the digital omni-channel era

Gautam Mane (Josh) January 28, 2019
Here we bring you a series that explore the life and struggles of a CMO. Roles, goals, challenges, K... Read More

Power-Up your Sales Arsenal with Competitor Battle Card

Power-Up your Sales Arsenal
Arun Pillai (Ron) January 24, 2019
How do battle cards help you position your product better? The only way to ensure your product(s) or... Read More

Why a typical Sales-Pitch fails sometimes?

Sales pitch
Gautam Mane (Josh) January 23, 2019
Sales pitch: Tell the story of how you help companies and humanity You have got your product ready. ... Read More