Make no mistakes in creating a gender specific buyer persona

Make no mistakes in creating a gender specific buyer persona

It is affirmed that men are from Mars and women from Venus when engaging the mind to carry out decisions. This is one core reason why marketers need to create gender specific buyer personas. But are their thoughts the same for purchasing non-gender product offerings? A typical BP is fictional, but in reality you will need to identify the gender and how to target them successfully.

Even when you have 3-4 primary BPs, it helps to make that one special template that can address the challenge…from Mars or Venus.

The current scenario

In B2B companies, it is no surprise that either men or women could represent the head of department. He or she executes the irrevocable decision and sign the dotted line to confirm bulk orders.

If you are a salesman looking to reach out to a male executive for receiving orders, then it is no significant deal! But what happens if the HoD is represented by a woman, will the same present a challenge? Is there another way to tackle her pain points, objections and doubts?

Can you break the ice and deliver the products on a long-term basis? Other than perceiving the age and usual demographics of the buyer, the gender can make or weaken your chances to do business. A gender-based blueprint has become a critical factor in making a buyer persona.

Obtain a broader perspective why masculine and feminine BP works.

A company that sells cosmetic or beauty products for women of all age groups is likely to search for a BP targeting female audiences. On the other spectrum, a company that offers shaving products or salon services for men will have a distinct male BP.

In some businesses the gender specific persona is critical to sales. Yet, there are businesses that target men and women separately for items that both genders use. They still need to characterize and discern the differences between the two buyer groups.

Banks require to target men and women separately to accomplish their financial goals dealing with business loans and mortgages. Their marketing departments need to make separate BPs. In the same manner smartphone companies that offer cellular devices make distinct BPs.

The goal of an enterprise/business run by a female will include other parameters depending on the number of employees she has and the market size too.

Having a masculine or feminine BP is critical for any marketer for inbound campaigns. While you do need to know the demographics, academic background, career path and the company/industry vertical they represent, knowing the gender is equally important.

Men and women often think differently. For instance, you may have targeted two companies in the same industry to promote the products. But one decision maker is a male and the other a female who considers the purchase. Of course, both think differently, and you may succeed with one and not with the other. However, once an in-depth buyer persona is created, both may start placing orders—for your strategies will be fine-tuned for each.

Closing thoughts:

For serving men from Mars and women from Venus, you will still need to understand their individual buying psychology. The next blog offers an insight into the key metrics of emotional intelligence of the BP.


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