Gen-Y, millennial generation – they are known by many names. The oldest members being born in the late 80s, theirs was the first generation to start their lives in a fully-capable digital world.
In short, all basic elements for a digitally-sustainable livelihood was already there. The people born before 1980 had to gothrough a tough transition from pen-and-paper to computers. Though gradual in its own terms, the sudden information boom left many gasping for breath. Millennials were the first generation post the analog-to-digital shift. They are our first
“digital natives¨.
Unlike other technologically adept generations (Gen-X), millennials are friendlier to the frequently shifting paradigm of digital frames. They are quick, spontaneous, and free from the traditional skepticism towards technological dependence of previous eras (like that of Baby Boomers). They also prefer working in an open environment and accept opinions from co-workers readily. In fact, the well-connected Gen-Y are dependent upon others’ reviews to make informed decisions.

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