LakeB2B Announces Acquisition of Ampliz, EmployAStar, and MetricFox, Ushering in a New Era of Growth

Bangalore, October 16, 2023 – Unveiling a triumphant acquisition spree, LakeB2B, a global leader in B2B data and data-driven services, welcomed Ampliz, EmployAStar, and MetricFox to the family.

Strategic Expansion and Synergies

Ampliz, renowned for its exceptional healthcare and B2B database SaaS platform, specializes in personalized contextual intelligence. EmployAStar, a native Salesforce ATS solution, is a pioneer in recruitment technology, bridging human capital with global organizational goals. MetricFox is a leading enterprise marketing agency with 360-degree marketing consulting and implementation capabilities. Each of these acquisitions perfectly complements LakeB2B’s existing offerings, propelling it to be the go-to partner for growth-focused companies worldwide.

Visionary Chairman, Subhakar Rao remarked, “The strategic inclusion of Ampliz, EmployAStar, and MetricFox has positioned LakeB2B on the threshold of a transformative growth journey. This multifaceted acquisition not only cements LakeB2B’s status as a one-stop-shop solution provider but also yields a remarkable boost in operational and capital efficiency, by more than 70-80%. The resulting synergy crafts an unmatched value proposition, offering our global clientele an inclusive suite of data-driven services, all seamlessly available under one roof.”

The Power of Multi-pronged Expertise

LakeB2B stands at the forefront of transformation, aligning our services closely with evolving business needs. It has categorized its offerings into four main segments: SalesTech, MarTech, RecruitTech, and GrowthTech, encompassing seven unique solutions, spanning from innovative products to tailored services. These solutions are meticulously designed to empower sales teams, marketing teams, recruitment teams, and CXOs, making a total of 28 distinctive offerings aimed at fueling the growth of global clients.

CEO, Arun Pillai said, “These acquisitions and realignments reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. We eagerly anticipate the remarkable growth opportunities that lie ahead as we unite our strengths. Currently, we are welcoming approximately 150 new logos each month, equivalent to around 1,800 new customers annually.

This remarkable growth is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we are poised for even greater achievements in the future.”

A Momentous Leap Forward

The combination of LakeB2B’s rich data resources and Ampliz’s personalized contextual intelligence is set to redefine the way businesses engage and convert prospects.

Teja, Director of Ampliz, commented “The strategic benefits of this merger are profound. By joining forces with LakeB2B, we gain access to a vast array of resources, expertise, and a global client base. This enables us to enhance our healthcare and B2B database SaaS platform to provide more personalized and contextual intelligence to our clients, which would lead to a 3X increase in their targeted marketing and sales efforts.”

Enhanced Healthcare and B2B Data: Ampliz’s expertise in healthcare and B2B data, coupled with LakeB2B’s resources, will result in improved healthcare and B2B database SaaS platforms. Clients worldwide can expect more personalized and contextual intelligence in their data, which can lead to more effective and targeted marketing and sales efforts.

LakeB2B’s global footprint includes two locations in the United States, two in India, and continued operations in Singapore, Japan, and the UAE.

Madhusudan, Director of EmployAStar said, “Joining LakeB2B is a prudent move for EmployAStar. Together, we will continue to revolutionize recruitment technology and empower organizations worldwide. We expect the cost savings and time efficiency of our clients to go up by more than 120%, while enhancing their overall talent acquisition experience.”

This collaboration also positions LakeB2B as a comprehensive marketing solutions provider to a broader spectrum of industries and businesses aiming to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.

Suresh Thomas, CMO of MetricFox said, “MetricFox is excited to be a part of LakeB2B’s journey. While amplifying our capabilities to offer even more robust solutions, the association will strengthen our commitment to excellence and innovation. This allows us to focus on a broader spectrum of industries and businesses, helping them thrive in a dynamic marketplace, potentially increasing their returns by as much as 20-30% per annum.”

“As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated team members, loyal clients, and valued partners. Your trust and support have been instrumental in our journey, and we are excited about the extraordinary opportunities that we will create together in the times to come,” Mr. Pillai said.

Here are the thoughts and perspectives of other key members about this momentous occasion:

Amarjitt Dutta: “The integration of these three outstanding companies has already begun to show us the path to success. We anticipate a significant percentage increase in our market share, a clear indication that our vision is aligning with the needs of our clients.”

Mukundan AP: “The acquisitions significantly enhance LakeB2B’s industry presence. By incorporating Ampliz, EmployAStar, and MetricFox, we gain invaluable insights in healthcare, recruitment, and marketing, enabling us to better cater to the unique requirements of clients in these sectors.”

Janet Borges: “The acquisition is bound to result in a significant increase in the quality of services offered by LakeB2B. Clients can expect more specialized, efficient, and targeted solutions across various sectors, enhancing the overall quality of B2B data and data-driven services.”

Naini Gopal: “The combined resources from the acquisitions allow LakeB2B to scale our customer acquisition rate and further improve our customer service levels.”

Sundararaj R: “The acquisitions help us to improve and extend our data offering for our clients. It will also help us improve our data efficiency at large.”

Join LakeB2B as we venture into this exciting journey, heralding a new era of growth.

About LakeB2B

LakeB2B is a leading provider of B2B data and data-driven services, serving over 7,000 firms globally. With core capabilities in custom B2B datasets, data enrichment services, demand generation, cloud-based data platforms, and growth solutions, LakeB2B has been delivering excellence and innovation to its global clientele.

About Ampliz

Ampliz is a global B2B data and healthcare SaaS platform known for its personalized contextual intelligence. It has been empowering users to enhance their data, optimize email campaigns, and ace account-based marketing efforts.

About EmployAStar

EmployAStar is an innovative Applicant Tracking System that makes the recruitment process easy and efficient. Built on Salesforce, it has helped clients create a responsive recruitment process to engage candidates on multiple platforms.

About MetricFox

MetricFox is a global enterprise with over a decade of experience in 360-degree marketing consulting and implementation. Serving over 1,500 SMBs and more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies worldwide, MetricFox specializes in boosting brand presence and ROI through strategic marketing solutions.

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