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 Chicago,  Oct 15, 2013

New Solution for Digital Marketers Revealed at DMA2013

Lake B2B marketers share key insights with DMA2013 attendees and unveil a unique solution that weds data to marketing.

CHICAGO, Oct. 15, 2013: At DMA2013, Lake B2B unveiled a novel solution for business-to-business marketers to pull data from all touch points and enable them to connect with the customers. Apart from breaking the data puzzle, senior marketers from Lake B2B explained how they can help overcome the biggest challenges marketers face in applying data for marketing.

DMA2013, the large congregation of marketers kicked off in Chicago on October 14, 2013. In the opening keynote address and the subsequent sessions, most speakers dwelled on Big Data and insights on Data Driven Marketing.

Team from Lake B2B at booth #555 interacted with thousands of attendees from various industries and from different verticals. As a leading provider of data-driven marketing and digital marketing services for mid-market and enterprise customers, it presented innovative solutions to cut through the noise in digital marketing.

Along with the smart marketing insights LakeB2B is also offering special gifts to visitors at its booth #555.
Praveen Rajagopal (VP, Business Development, LakeB2B) said, “We are having a great experience at DMA2013, meeting our clients, sharing our practical knowledge, and picking latest trends from masters. Our executive team at the booth are sharing the same vibe and looking forward to more”.

Further, LakeB2B was able to showcase solutions that focused on helping direct marketers create integrated campaigns that drive improved results, reduce data churn and achieve greater ROI.

In the coming days, LakeB2B is looking forward to interact, network and gather cutting edge knowledge on marketing from 100+ marketing sessions.

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