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Lake B2B launched Prescription data intelligence on July 4th 2018 at California, United States in the presence of Gautam Mane, VP – Partnerships and Data Acquisition.

Prescription Data Intelligence (PDI) is essentially the intelligence gathered from 1.4 Million medical prescriptions of doctors and practitioners globally. It is a great offering that helps in understanding trending recommendations in the fields of medicine and healthcare technology. Regarding the scope of this offering Gautam Mane said “The healthcare sector is extremely dynamic and real-time prescription intelligence from the healthcare fraternity is going to be the real game changer this year”

“Our resellers are keenly awaiting prescription data intelligence to gain a competitive edge across the global healthcare market.” he said. This breakthrough in the healthcare niche is set to make healthcare providers, medical institutions, healthcare facilities, medical suppliers & vendors and pharmaceutical companies more successful, responsible and responsive to patient needs. It will not only make healthcare providers more responsive towards patient care, but will also save more from targeted medical spending and consequently increase their returns.

Prescription data intelligence will also help to identify areas of improvement to manufacture alternate medicine basis the intelligence insights and in improving overall healthcare protocols and use critical data intelligence to support clinical, financial and operational decisions that can speed up business success.

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About Lake B2B: Lake B2B is a Growth Enablement Partner for Clients across 83 countries helping extend reach to over 42 million top global executives across the world. Lake B2B has transformed the way businesses work with cutting ¬edge data management technology, exhaustive data reach and digital marketing solutions. The company is specialized in offering customized target database solutions based on the clients’ requirements and business scope.

Lake B2B offers services that help clients with their complete business growth cycle. This includes sales, marketing, and nurturing and customer service and now prescription data intelligence.
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