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 New York, NY September 25, 2013

Catch the Latest Trends in Marketing with Lake B2B at DMA 2013

Lake B2B invites fellow marketers to join us at booth #555 at DMA 2013, the biggest marketing event of the year. Learn, connect and participate with marketers.

New York, NY September 25, 2013 – Lake B2B is ardently waiting for what’s called the biggest evening for marketers everywhere – DMA 2013. The event will be held at Chicago Illinois during 12-17 October 2013. A yearly event, DMA is the coming together of prominent names in the international B2B marketing arena. Marketers converge in thousands from all over the world to learn more about industries, trends, and innovations as they happen. The attendees also get to hear from C-level executives who are shaping the industry. Besides, there are additional incentives.

The DMA membership for corporates has several advantages. A member company like Lake B2B is provided exclusive information on data security, data, electronic marketing and related subjects through resources and special programs. For example, DMA’s International Safe Harbor Program (for members only) ensures that marketers are able to trade in big data across continents with unfailing compliance, and thereby establish repute in today’s diversified markets. The DMA Nonprofit Federation has been established for the upkeep of member-brand value in the face of regulations, legislations, and a multitude of local laws that often keep changing.

At DMA 2013, marketers will be showcasing their own products, services, and brands to discerning customers with the scope of raking in millions within a couple of days. Attendees consider it a level playing field where everyone gets a chance to interact and gain positively.

Lake B2B has spent over a couple of decades in marketing. The organization specializes in digitalmarketing, which is considered a promising sector today. On offer are database solutions for reaching out to diverse target audiences.

According to Praveen Rajagopal (VP, Business Development), “Our organization has been a passionate participant for years, and this year we are waiting to interact with the most seasoned marketing talents. We expect some great surprises!”

Lake B2B will be at booth # 555 at DMA 2013, and all its representatives have expressed the deepest desire of having fruitful interactions. For those who have not signed up for the event yet, the official DMA 2013 website ( is open for registrations.

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