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Data is definitely one of the most strategic assets for the Telecommunication Service Providers today. With the growth of smart phones and mobile internet, telecommunication companies today have access to unprecedented amounts of data sources including – customer profiles, device data, network data, customer usage patterns, location data, applications downloaded, clickstream data etc. Telecom Service Providers are increasingly starting to adopt data licensing solutions to turn their data-sets into valuable business insights.

Telecom operators across the globe witness challenges relating to data quality & data management to reduce revenue leakage and process failures. The problem gets accentuated with stiff competition, frequent induction of offers by service providers, regulatory institutions in different countries for the telecom industry, and advancement of technology. Reconciliation of unified information from different sources for any further future reference still remains a biggest challenge, that may lead to inferior customer services, lower employee productivity, lost sales opportunities and increased marketing costs.

Why choose LakeB2B as your Data Licensing Partner?

  • Multiple Licensing Options
  • Best End-User Experience
  • High Quality, Responsive Data
  • Dedicated Support Staff Specialized in Managing your End to End Business Marketing Needs
  • Responsibly Sourced Contacts to the Highest Industry Standards
  • Great Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Industry Specific Benefits:

We aggregate and standardize records from company-reported financials and other sources like regulatory databases. We gather exclusive information from our own surveys, insider contacts and top management interviews. LakeB2B’s data licensing solutions (total: 258,547+) for the telecommunication sector helps to meet their business objectives, promotes growth, drives operational efficiency and profitability across the telecom value chain, improves performance and helps to reduce costs.

At LakeB2B we adhere to rigorous standards for accuracy, timeliness, completeness and relevance. Our interactive platform gives you access to our database with single-click ease. Based on your requirements, we provide you with customized and unique information templates for all your data licensing needs and provide you with daily/monthly updates of new and verified data.

  • Meet industry competitive challenges
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Reduce redundancies thereby eliminating inconsistency and duplication
  • Maintain data integrity, thereby establishing validity, accuracy and consistency