How Lake B2B Helped a Recruit Solutions Provider Ramp Up Their Websites Visits by 7X and Log 45% More Conversions


The client requires 100,000+ counts of contact information across 50,000 companies. The primary target geography is the USA. Contact information of recruitment and talent acquisition professionals required.


Since all organizations require a talented workforce, the client targeted US enterprises across all industry verticals. Organizations usually have a separate recruitment and talent acquisition department that identifies and acquires new workers. This rank usually includes HR professionals, chief talent officers, campus recruitment managers, etc.


Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the client is a leading HR technology provider, helping companies find the best talent through a slew of customizable recruitment solutions. From small-scale enterprises to blue-chip companies, the client features a diverse customer portfolio.


Recruitment and Talent Acquisition ProfessionalsHuman Resource Executives
Chief Talent OfficerCampus Recruitment Managers


Every industry requires a workforce, for which an efficient hiring process is imperative. Since the client wanted to target leads spread across multiple verticals, it required a personalized marketing plan that appeases the diverse pain points of the market.

To achieve such a mammoth marketing task, access to quality data was of utmost importance. Unfortunately, that’s where the client fell short. The main sales tool for the client was their website, where most of the conversions took place. And the client’s main fuel for website visits was their email marketing campaigns.

Unbeknown to the client, their home-grown customer database had gone stale, rife with redundancies, inaccuracies, and missing data. Consequently, the email marketing campaigns that the client deployed failed to have the expected response, and in fact, butchered their email marketing metrics, with open rates falling by 40% and CTRs dipping by the same number.

Needless to say, their website traffic took quite a hit as well. All of this ultimately snowballed into declining client acquisition and conversion ratios.

Although losing marketing performance was a stressor, what was even more alarming was the number of email messages being flagged as spam. It had been a long time since their in-house database had undergone any major updation. Unsurprisingly, many contacts that populated the database had either shift bases or were working under a different role.

In a nutshell, the contact information available to the client was no longer viable. Continuously sending email messages to non-existent or dormant email addresses had bought their primary enterprise email ID very close to spam traps. Fortunately, the client pulled out before it was too late.

Other than that, the client’s marketing team was itself out of touch with the contemporary marketing sensibilities and couldn’t nurture their clients enough to harvest them into full-time customers.

Delays in strategic marketing on the client’s side had rendered their campaigns unbearably tedious, to the point where even return visitors found themselves bombarded with the same marketing messages upon visiting the client’s websites, even though they had already moved downward in the sales funnel.

Finally, the client contacted the data experts at Lake B2B to recognize the hurdles and rectify the situation.


Email marketing campaigns can bring you great ROIs, but only if you have precise data and razor-sharp targeting. One look at the client’s database and the expert at Lake B2B knew right away that the client’s email marketing campaigns wouldn’t work, thanks to the rotten data. Plus, the lack of personalization on the client’s website also discouraged any further engagement from both new and returning customers.

As a result, leads in various sales funnel stages weren’t offered content appropriate to their respective place in the buyer’s journey. Since leads were not being provided what they wanted, many opted out of the sales funnel. Consequently, lead generation and nurture suffered.

Immediately getting down to business, our experts ran the client’s home-cultivated database against Lake B2B’s master database, finding numerous matches, and updating all the key fields. Apart from updating the database, the repository was flooded with over 125,000 new contacts, spread across approximately 50,000 companies belonging to diverse industry verticals. Since their target audience was companies based in the USA, our experts ensured the database had high-quality leads from across the country.

With this easy data integration, the client’s marketing team could now run personalized email campaigns to tackle new and repeat customers. The marketing team could now show something new to repeat customers, keeping the marketing momentum going. Lake B2B’s onsite retargeting capability enabled the client to target repeat visitors with new offers and promotions based on their previous interactions on the site.

Plus, with the client’s CRM now filled with sales-ready, quality leads – segmented across multiple fields – their marketing team could curate email drip campaigns based on the lead’s decision-making influence and job profile.


After Lake B2B’s professional intervention, the client’s marketing team generated eCommerce retailer and publisher like experiences, causing add-to-cart demos and registrations to soar through the roof. Plus, Lake B2B’s experts, well-versed in modern marketing tactics, also introduced the client’s marketing team to onsite behavioural data, using which the client was able to further drive up their conversions.

In the end, the client witnessed a seven-fold increase in new customer visits, a 3X increase in follow up responses, and ultimately, a 45% bump in conversions.

With expert assistance from Lake B2B, we were able to identify the glaring inconsistencies in our in-house customer database. With the reliable data, we could now target new customers effectively and win back return customers. Their highly segmented data also paved the way for personalization, which helped us target customers according to their buyer’s journey stage.”
– Head of Marketing

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