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With over 6,000 hospitals, 1,200 clinics, and 88,000 pharmacies in the USA, it’s no doubt one of the world’s largest healthcare industries and thus, offers numerous marketing opportunities to medical device and pharmaceuticals manufacturers worldwide. However, when marketing to hospitals and healthcare enterprises, it’s important that you target professionals with enough clearance.

For instance, targeting a nurse with an email pitch regarding new MRI scanners won’t generate sales, as they don’t have enough influence in the organization to make a buy decision. To drive sales, you must target:

  • Physicians
  • C-level and V-level executives
  • Pharmacists

Lately, hospitals across the USA have also witnessed a spurt of Hospital Value Analysis Committees (VACs). Basically, VAC is a group of physicians, purchasing agents, liability specialists, nurses, and supply chain professionals that evaluate all the new product purchases.

A Chief Marketing Officer or CMO of the insurance company holds roles similar to those of any other CMO across industries – planning, creating, and execution of relevant multi-channel campaigns to reach target audiences for higher sales and better ROIs.


C-level ExecutivesV-level Executives
Hospital Value Analysis Committees (VACs)


Based in the USA, the client is a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprise, with over 5 medical device divisions, 400 branded products, and 200 products sold worldwide. Currently, they chiefly serve healthcare providers, hospitals, and clinics, with their clients spaced out worldwide.


Being a consumer-informed enterprise, the client’s offerings were top-of-the-line, and the healthcare market they were primarily targeting was actively looking for similar solutions.

Their target audience included:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Healthcare providers
  • Dispensaries

However, they lacked the market expertise to match their diverse product line-up. Though they had a clear view of whom to target, they fell short on the ‘how to target front.’ Their primary marketing channel was PPC, followed by email marketing, both of which require targeted data as fuel.

Unfortunately, the client was grappling with a shortage of relevant data, mainly because their databases were brimming with emails of similar patterns. For instance, if a CFO or a CTO of a particular company changed bases, their email would still remain in the database, even though it’s no longer used. However, their new email would also be added. And since different companies have different email formats and patterns, it would be pretty challenging to weed out the duplicates.

Due to this, many of the client’s emails remained unopened, and in worst cases, ended up in a spam trap. With the client’s primary email ID getting blocklisted, it served as a severe blow to their reputation, not to mention their declining email KPIs.

It’s a similar story on the PPC side. With their databases filled with static data, the client’s sales and marketing managers had to spend a lot of time uncovering new leads and segmenting them. However, with already-running sales cycles and increasing selling pressure, the teams could not develop an actionable in-house database.

This setback led to miscalculated customer targeting, with their websites garnering many clicks but little curiosity. As a result, their marketing budget started depleting, with negligible leads trickling down to the sales team. The client quickly realized that they needed data experts by their sides.

What Happened Next?

With their backs against the wall, the client approached Lake B2B with their issues. Recognising the situation as precarious, the growth experts at Lake B2B immediately got down to brass tacks. Two crucial questions needed answering:

  • Whether the client was wasting the opportunity to serve repeat visitors
  • And whether the PPC campaigns were data-driven or entirely spray-and-pray

Because if the client was running the PPC campaigns without informed knowledge of their customer’s email addresses, Interests, and affinities, they’re likely to waste a lot of money targeting uninterested customers and burning away their budget. The same goes for their email campaigns.

Based on the client’s response, Lake B2B’s experts were able to pinpoint the culprit – lack of relevant data and an abundance of redundant, duplicate information. With the core of the problem exposed, Lake B2B’s experts quickly got to work.


To start off, Lake B2B began by meticulously purging the client’s database of any inaccuracies, duplicities, and missing entries, and any salvageable data was retrieved. All their files were restored to health with fresh, relevant data, including genuine, opt-in contacts.

Next, Lake B2B’s experts started working on their emails. With the client’s primary problem being similar pattern emails, Lake B2B’s experts flooded the database with alternative, up-to-date email IDs, procured via thoroughly inspecting the database and weeding out any elusive duplicates.

Also, Lake B2B spring-cleaned their entire CRM system and got it ready for customer match Google Ads and marketing automation. Lake B2B’s experts loaded the client’s CRM with responsive customer data and began tracking engagement metrics through email analytics without a moment’s delay.

Bombarding potential customers with the information they’ve already seen risks repetitive targeting and lowers the chances for conversion. Lake B2B’s experts quickly identified this discrepancy and thus began precision-tracking customer behavior and anticipating content needs by targeting audiences all over again with a conversion-focused track.

New funnel offers were curated and nurture journeys designed based on lead interactions and engagement events. But that’s not it! Lake experts not only provided targeted data and accurate leads but also helped the client devise conversion funnels that synergized well with their data.


With end-to-end healthcare databanks at their fingertips, free of any redundancies and duplicates, the pharmaceutical client was able to uncover high-value customer segments for targeting and lookalike modelling. This enhanced their reach to key decision-makers by 3x! As a direct consequence, they witnessed a staggering ROI growth of 120%.

Plus, with their PPC campaigns set straight with Lake B2B’s accurate data, the client could finally quantify market opportunities with newly-found precision, apply advanced data enrichment in Adverity, calculate predictive CLTV, and send the customer segments with high CLTV to Facebook and Google. In the end, the client was able to generate ROAs of 112%!

“With our databases free of redundancies, we were able to evade the looming threat of spam traps and blocklists once and for all. Once we deployed marketing campaigns based on the new and improved database, lead-gen strategies, and metrics established by Lake B2B experts, we were able to flood our bone dry sales funnel with an onslaught of relevant leads and drive our conversion numbers up.”
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