Targeting the Unbanked in Vermont: A Case Study in Data-Driven Marketing

Understanding the Needs:

The company reviewed its client base and identified a segment with a positive financial profile: employed individuals with an annual income of $50,000 residing in Vermont.  However, traditional marketing methods might not effectively reach this specific demographic, particularly those who are unbanked.

The LakeB2B Solution:

LakeB2B provided a targeted consumer list tailored to the company’s requirements:

Geographic Focus: The list included contacts residing within Vermont.

Financial Independence: The data excluded individuals with any record of dependent children, suggesting a level of financial independence.

Employment Status: The list focused on employed individuals, indicating a steady income stream.

Income Threshold: Contacts on the list had a verified annual income of at least $50,000.

Data Hygiene: LakeB2B performed data suppression against the company’s in-house file, ensuring the list contained only unique, non-duplicate records, maximizing marketing campaign efficiency.

Client Testimonial:

It was a pleasure working with LakeB2B. Your email came at the perfect time, as I received the latest performance read on the test file your organization provided in January.
At this time, the test file has yet to be performed, so we are not able to reorder the data from your organization at this time. However, I will continue to monitor its performance. If the file shows performance at a later date, I will reach out to you at that time.
Thank you for your email and again for the opportunity to test your data – Gilbert

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