Targeting Decision-Makers: A LakeB2B Case Study in CDP Lead Generation

The LakeB2B Solution:

LakeB2B provided a custom-built B2B marketing database designed for the client’s specific needs:

Targeted Data: The database focused on senior marketing decision-makers within the APAC and ANZ regions.

Revenue-Based Targeting: Companies included had a revenue range indicating a strong potential for CDP investment.

Industry Exclusion: Irrelevant industries were excluded to guarantee laser focus on the ideal customer profile.

Verified Contact Information: The database offered a wealth of verified contact details including Names, Titles, Email Addresses, Company Details, & Locations. LakeB2B ensured data accuracy and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Multi-Pronged Marketing Strategy:

With the targeted B2B database, the client implemented a multi-pronged marketing approach:

Personalized Email Campaigns: Customized email campaigns directly targeted senior marketing decision-makers, highlighting the client’s CDP solution’s specific advantages.

Integrated Marketing Automation: The data seamlessly integrated with the client’s marketing automation platform. This enabled a targeted social media advertising strategy and personalized website content.

Measurable Results:

LakeB2B’s targeted B2B marketing database led to a significant transformation in the client’s lead generation:

Exponential Growth in Qualified Leads: The client experienced a substantial increase in the number of qualified leads generated from their marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Conversion Rates: The targeted audience yielded a dramatic improvement in conversion rates, signifying a higher percentage of leads converting into paying customers.

Maximized Marketing ROI: The utilization of the targeted database led to a significant and measurable return on the client’s marketing investment budget.

Client Testimonial:

We are impressed with the quality of the data and the exceptional customer experience provided by LakeB2B.” This positive feedback underscores LakeB2B’s commitment to delivering accurate and effective B2B marketing data solutions. – Jim

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