Lake B2B Helped a Talent Acquisition Solution Provider Improve Their Targeting and Retargeting Campaign performance 5X


New contacts to be delivered with email post suppression for lead generation. The target geographical region is primarily North America. The target audience lies within Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion).


The process by which skilled workers are identified and acquired is known as talent acquisition. The talent acquisition team in any organization normally includes campus recruitment manager, candidate attraction specialist, chief talent officer, contingent workforce manager, and more.

Recruitment is the process of recognizing true talent and hiring them to fill relevant job roles within an organization. This includes all processes, from talent identification to interview and employee onboarding. The recruitment team usually works in conjunction with or as a part of the Human Resources (HR) team.

DEI or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a term used to describe policies and programs that encourage the participation of people from diverse groups. This includes those from different races, genders, abilities and disabilities, ages, cultures, religions, and more. All diversity initiatives to be taken in a workplace are determined by professionals working under the DEI department.


Recruitment ManagersChief Talent Officers (CTOs)
Contingent Workforce ManagersTalent Acquisition Supervisors


Founded in 2017, the client company aims at developing talent acquisition solutions that cater to the needs of modern recruiters. The client portfolio includes specialties such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency portfolio, UX, and software. The company understands that managing and nurturing relationships with clients will take more than just a spreadsheet and its 150+ expert team has catered to the unique needs of over 800 customers worldwide.


The client was facing problems with their audience targeting because the campaigns they were running had no clear direction. Spending money on Google Display Ads, bidding for keywords was getting expensive and even social media campaigns were reaching the wrong audience. Moreover, the client did not know how to orchestrate a step-by-step funnel journey for their customers to discover, set reminders, track customer behavior and further decide the course of action.

There was a lack of a proper engaged pipeline of customers to retarget. The client had merely relied on email opens, click-throughs, and LinkedIn impressions to judge the overall performance of their campaigns. Since not every click-through and ad open is a marker of contacting a qualified sales lead, the client’s campaign performance remained low. It was like shooting in the dark, but much worse since the marketing and sales teams were under the impression that they were reaching the relevant target audience.

What the client needed is a clear idea of their leads’ position in the sales funnel. Based on that, relevant hyper-personalized campaigns could be launched. The company Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are desperate for a solution. The internal teams are already burdened with campaign development. When after tremendous efforts, our campaigns were falling apart, we knew that we needed the help of a skilled third-party data provider. Without accurate and relevant contact details, we were on a definite path to campaign failure.”


The client company got in touch with the data experts of Lake B2B. Lake B2B’s team conducted a thorough market and client database analysis. It was clear that the client was not using a sales-funnel-based approach to developing their hyper-relevant campaigns.

As a result, leads in the awareness stage were being fed with information only suitable for those in the consideration stage and vice-versa. Since customers were not being given what they wanted, many leaked out of the sales funnel. Lead generation and nurture suffered consequently.

Lake B2B collated a fresh database based on the intent on the audience. Those with the strongest buying signals were only chosen. A total of 14,018 contacts were chosen for the target geography. The pre-optimized database of leads belonged to the client’s targeting bucket. All the segments based on the titles that need to be targeted with different types of messaging and other personalization hooks are made possible when Lake B2B’s data experts load the accurate and updated customer data into the sales CRM.

Else, email automation or dynamic online ad for lookalike audiences would be pointless as many messages would invariably reach the spam box or result in fraud clicks eating into PPC budget spends. The content was designed to suit the buying stage of the audience – awareness, interest, consideration, and decision-making. Those in the early stages of the sales funnel were not fed with heavy information, just short-form content such as infographics, blog posts, etc. Those in the consideration stage were targeted with long-form content such as case studies, whitepapers, industry reports, and more. Finally, those in the decision-making stage were targeted with testimonials, success stories, and the likes.

Product landing pages and webinar registrations were used to understand which leads had entered the next stage of the sales funnel. Even locked content strategies, checklists, workshop invites, and bootcamp virtual events registrations were used for this purpose. The client was able to analyze which leads had entered the next step, whether they were comparing between service providers, or were more keen on having a sales call.

An expert campaign team and customer engagement monitoring specialist team was also brought in to identify the best leads to be passed on for sales.


Finally, pilot programs were run based on the freshly collated contact database. Not only was the client able to identify the most qualified sales leads but was delivering improved customer experiences for a highly engaged sales pipeline. This way, high-intent shoppers who start but abandon carts midway were also re-contacted and converted. Newly registered customers for webinars and bootcamps were targeted with hyper-relevant messages.

As a result, leads through Google PPC increased 3X, the time to conversion shortened 2X, and cart abandonment rate reduced by 60%. Even engagement rates across different social media channels were improved by 230%.

The company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) then remarked, “Lake B2B helped us see campaign performance like never before. Within a week of campaign deployment has helped us see positive results. We are confident that with the help of Lake B2B’s data-driven marketing experts, we will reach campaign goals in record time.”

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