Tailored Data Fuels E-Commerce Growth: A LakeB2B Case Study

Targeting the Right Audience:

The company required a data-driven solution to connect with three distinct e-commerce segments:

Fashion and Apparel: Companies utilizing Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms (excluding jewelry, skincare, and beauty products) with an annual revenue range of $10 million to $100 million in the USA.

Home & Living: E-commerce businesses focused on home and living products (kitchen & gardening accessories, home décor, etc.) with a revenue range of $10 million to $100 million and operating in the USA.

Outdoor & Baby/Kids: E-commerce companies selling fashion outdoor wear, outdoor sports equipment (golf, camping, fishing, equestrian products), and baby & kids accessories. These companies needed to be utilizing any e-commerce platform and have an annual revenue range of $15 million to $150 million within the USA.

The LakeB2B Solution:

The company partnered with LakeB2B a leader in data solutions, to leverage their expertise in e-commerce data. LakeB2B’s approach ensured:

Precise Audience Selection: We meticulously identified e-commerce companies within the designated revenue ranges and industry segments across the USA.

Technology Focus: For the fashion and apparel segment, data was filtered out to exclude companies selling jewelry, skincare, and beauty products, ensuring an exact match with the client’s requirements.

Platform Specificity: The data included companies utilizing Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms for the fashion and apparel segment, alongside identifying businesses operating on any e-commerce platform for the outdoor & baby/kids segment.

Decision-Maker Access: LakeB2B provided contact information for decision-makers within the targeted companies, facilitating direct outreach for the client.

Data Quality and Hygiene: LakeB2B ensured the data’s accuracy and eliminated duplicates, maximizing the efficiency of the client’s outreach efforts.

Delivering Results:

LakeB2B delivered a total of 9,246 high-quality records across the three segments:

Fashion & Apparel: 3,438 contacts for Shopify users and 222 contacts for Shopify Plus users.

Home & Living: 1,170 quality contacts for e-commerce businesses.

Outdoor & Baby/Kids: 4,416 contacts for relevant e-commerce companies.

Client Testimonial:

My agent went above and beyond! There were some initial problems with the list (around 20% wasn’t usable), but they promptly resolved the issue by sending me replacements. I’m very satisfied with the service.” – Angel

The Path to Success:

This case study demonstrates the value of LakeB2B’s targeted data solutions in e-commerce expansion. By partnering with LakeB2B, the company gained access to a comprehensive and precise list of high-potential customers within their desired segments. This data empowered them to refine their outreach efforts and connect with relevant decision-makers within the US e-commerce landscape.

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