Streamlining Patient Transport: LakeB2B Expedites Reach for Aeromedical Provider


Understanding John’s unique needs, LakeB2B offered a data-driven solution:

  • Comprehensive Doctor Data: We provided a comprehensive dataset encompassing doctors across Mexico, ensuring John’s organization could reach a wide network of medical professionals within the country.
  • Data Accuracy and Speed: LakeB2B prioritizes data quality and efficiency. We delivered the validated data list within 24 hours of confirmation, enabling John to initiate outreach promptly.
  • High Accuracy Rate: The data boasted a 93.5% accuracy rate, minimizing the risk of encountering incorrect or outdated information, crucial for streamlined patient care coordination.


John’s testimonial highlights the positive impact of LakeB2B’s solution:

  • Quick and Efficient Outreach: The rapid delivery of the data list facilitated swift outreach to doctors, potentially reducing time between patient need identification and transport coordination.
  • High Data Accuracy: The reliable data ensured John’s organization could confidently connect with the right doctors, enhancing communication and care coordination.
  • Large and Comprehensive Data Set: The extensive list of 12,500 doctors provided John’s organization with a broad reach, fostering efficient patient transport across Mexico.

Client Testimonial:

“The list of Doctors from Mexico was pretty accurate with a rate of 93.5% and I was happy with the size of it, 12,500 contacts. And it was put together fairly quickly.” – John.

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