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Target all C-level heads in the region of Japan.


The C-level heads that the client wanted to target were those who took care of the technology and customer experience part of the organization. These executives had the authority and the purchasing power to invest in the client’s products and services and targeting them would shorten the sales cycle and guarantee solid business relations. However, given the target geography, only those decision-making heads from Japan were included in the contact list.


Chief Experience Officer (CXO)Vice President (VP)
DirectorChief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 


The client company is one of the largest SaaS cloud computing enterprise software providers in the world. The client delivers value through their products and services to companies all across the world, in industries including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, retail industry, communication and media, manufacturing and consumer goods, and more. The company has nearly 56,000 employees operating worldwide and has a net worth of $4.07 billion as of 2021.


The client wanted to exclusively target leads in the area of Japan. It was here that they wanted to expand their business operations. As a result, they had segmented their audience on the basis of industry for more precision targeting. The industries included –

Apparel and FashionBroadcast and Media
RetailStaffing & Recruiting
RestaurantsLeisure Travel & Tourism
Consumer GoodsComputer Games

The client started out with multi-channel campaigning based on Account Based Marketing (ABM). Now, there were glitches once the campaigns were launched and their performance was measured. The client had identified the key decision-makers they wanted to target and also crafted their marketing messages to be hyper-personalized based on the job title of each executive; however, the KPIs suggested a different story.

Email deliverability was poor. CTORs were satisfactory but CTRs were again low. The client wanted to conduct events to educate leads on their upgrades and new product but the event attendance was poor. It still looked like the decision-makers of Japan preferred local companies and their products. There was much challenges to be overcome to win them over. Here, there was a catch – The client had still not taken the help of intent-based data. Could it be that their marketing messages were not that hyper-relevant after all?

If that weren’t the case then why the low social media engagement rates and poor response to FREE eBooks, whitepapers, and other content? Perhaps the database the client was using had no crucial info that could give insights into the lead’s buyer journey. Then, the poor email deliverability was again proof that even the contact info that was present was either not accurate to begin with or hadn’t been updated in the past three months of campaign deployment.

The company’s CEO said, “It was critical for us to get solid footing in the Japanese market but with the marketing going wrong, not only did our plans seem far from fruition but our time and resources were being drained like crazy. That is when I decided that it’s time to ask for expert help and not burden the internal teams.”


The CEO approached the data experts of Lake B2B and conveyed all information regarding the database. The experts conducted a thorough market analysis and research. Once that was done, it was found that many in-market buyers were actively seeking similar products or services. Some were even looking to switch from their existing software to a new, perhaps better one.

The problem, therefore, was not the lack of opportunity but rather the lack of hyper-personalization that could make the client’s products stand apart in the market. At this point, the data experts of Lake B2B collated a completely fresh database of the most qualified sales leads, determined on the basis of their buying signals. Even technographic data was included to give the client a holistic customer view. This way, they could know that the companies they’re targeting will be genuinely interested in their business offerings.

Over 110 core data fields were included in the database, such as –

First NameLast Name
Job TitleJob Function
Company NameCompany Website
Email IDIndustry
LocationSocial Media Links
Full Postal AddressCompany Revenue and Size
Telephone NumberFax Number

And more. The same was done for a total of 1,500 contacts. For the client’s existing database, the industry and job title were used for reverse appending. Accurate details were retrieved for as many relevant leads as possible. Through this, close to 213 contacts were revived. This brings the total to 1,713 contacts.

Each of these contacts had been intent-based; the client could determine which stage of the sales funnel they’re in – awareness, interest, consideration, and decision-making. Based on these, hyper-relevant content and marketing messages were developed. The expert team of Lake B2B also conducted an eight-step verification, including email and social verification to ensure that the database includes 100% accurate contact details. The team also updates the data once every 45 days as opposed to the industry standard of 90 days for maximum relevance.


Based on the freshly collated contact database, multi-channel pilot campaigns were launched. Social media engagement rates jumped up by 172%, email deliverability was always between 80 to 85%, and CAC was 3:1. The client also saw their ROIs improve by 117% and events sign-ups were largely better than what it was earlier.

After two months of campaign deployment, it was clear that the client was making a space of its own in the Japan market and was steadily able to leave competitors in the dust. The CEO was happy with Lake B2B’s growth-oriented marketing solutions and remarked, “We have worked with a third-party data partner but with the speed and efficiency with which Lake B2B has helped us meet our marketing goals, we look forward to working with them again. Our campaigns have received tremendous response and we have some loyal advocates from Japan as well. Thanks to Lake B2B.”

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