How LakeB2B Helped a CME Provider Achieve Success


Understanding the specific needs of the program, LakeB2B implemented a multi-faceted solution:

  • Targeted Data Acquisition: We identified and delivered a highly curated dataset of Hematology & Oncology physicians, ensuring the program reached the most relevant audience segment. This eliminated unnecessary outreach and maximized the potential for program engagement.
  • Strategic Campaign Collaboration: Beyond data provision, we offered valuable campaign expertise. We collaborated with the client to:
    • Define optimal audience parameters: This ensured the campaign messaging reached the most qualified physicians based on specific practice areas and other relevant criteria.
    • Refine the contact schedule: A strategic contact schedule was developed to optimize message delivery and maximize response rates.
    • Enhance email copy: Our team provided insights and suggestions to improve the email content for better clarity, impact, and call-to-action effectiveness.
    • Offer test mailings: To ensure campaign success before full deployment, we offered complimentary test mailings, allowing the client to refine their approach based on real-time data and audience feedback.


While specific data on program enrollment or click-through rates is not disclosed, the client’s feedback highlights the positive impact of LakeB2B’s solution:

  • Increased Reach: Our targeted data allowed the program to reach a significantly larger pool of relevant physicians, increasing the potential for program awareness and participation.
  • Enhanced Campaign Efficiency: LakeB2B’s expertise helped optimize the email campaign, potentially leading to improved engagement and response rates.
  • Client Satisfaction: The client is highly satisfied with LakeB2B’s services and expertise, recommending them to other organizations within the healthcare space.

Client Testimonial:

“LakeB2B exceeded expectations by providing not only targeted data but also invaluable campaign guidance. Their expertise helped us reach a wider audience of relevant specialists and refine our approach for maximum program impact. We are grateful for their partnership and highly recommend LakeB2B to other organizations seeking to reach specific healthcare professionals.” –

Patrick, Owner

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